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Alexandra Breckenridge Biography and 11 facts you would know.

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Alexandra Breckenridge is a television personality and voice actor. She has lent her voice to several characters on the popular animated show, Family Guy. Some of her previous work on television includes 90s flicks such as ‘She’s the man’ and ‘Broken vows.’ The Connecticut native also dabbled with photography.

She had cemented her interest in the trade by the time she was in her 20s. It came with the installation of a darkroom in her house. Since then, she has held exhibitions to display some of her work. Here are 11 interesting facts you should know about her.

Who is Alexandra Breckenridge?

Alexandra Breckenridge is a renowned actress who has appeared on several shows. Her most notable earlier work includes starring on Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was one of the biggest shows in the 90s and featured the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, and David Boreanaz.

We were first treated to this show on March 10th, 1997. The cast and crew gave us seven years and 145 episodes by the time the show ended. Alexandra worked on the episode titled ‘Lessons’ back in 2002. It came in the show’s seventh season.

Start of her Career.

The veteran actress Alexandra Breckenridge started acting when she was just thirteen years old.  Her parents let her train at a local theatre production back in Connecticut.

Later on, the American actress made the move to Los Angeles to further her career. It is a step that most performers usually take to get to the next level.

Her film debut finally came when she was cast in an indie picture called Locust Valley before the turn of the millennium.

Image of TV personality, Alexandra Breckenridge
Caption: TV personality, Alexandra Breckenridge

The Family Guy voice actress’ turn in the Pete Lauer directed film garnered her all the right attention. It is fair to say that it opened the door for most of her work in television.

She went on to take the industry by storm, guest appearing on popular shows like Dawson’s Creek, Orange County, and Big Fat Liar.

Some of her latest work includes a stint on the ABC drama ‘This is us, Virgin River and AMC’s The Walking Dead. Her film repertoire is expansive.

With a career as rich and wide as Alexandra’s, it is not surprising that she has picked up a few awards along the way.

One of these was for her work on DEBS, which scooped the top prize at the New York Lesbian and Gay film festival.

How old is Alexandra Breckenridge?

The Walking Dead actress was born on the 15th of May back in 1982. She is 37 years old currently. Her dependent, sensual, determined, and enthusiastic nature fits perfectly with her Taurus star sign.

Alexandra Breckenridge’s Net worth.

The Dawson Creek actress has appeared on several high grossing films. She’s the man, for example, grossed over $57 million at the box office. In total, she has appeared in over 18 films, collecting a decent lump sum in the process.

Her work with television has seen her feature in about forty different shows. Seasoned television actors can make well over $300,000 for every episode.

The figure can even rise to $500,000 depending on the show’s popularity. Presently, Alexandra Breckenridge’s net worth sits at $2 million.

Alexandra Breckenridge is Married.

Yes, the actress is a married woman. Her husband’s name is Casey Hooper. While it remains unclear when exactly the happy couple met, we can tell that they had been dating for several years before taking things further.

Alexandra Breckenridge and husband Casey Hooper tied the knot back on the 13th of September 2015. Their high-profile celebrity status meant that the wedding was publicized.

Four years of marriage later and the couple has two children together. The first was a boy named Jack Breckenridge Hooper.

He was born on the 3rd of September 2016, notably a year after his parents’ wedding. Jack is three years old at the moment.

Image of Alexandra Breckenridge with her kids Jack and Billie Breckenridge
Caption: Alexandra Breckenridge with her kids Jack and Billie Breckenridge

His sister, Billie Breckenridge Hooper, followed a year later. She was born on the 6th of December 2017. It makes her two years old.

Former Relationships.

The Buffy, the vampire slayer actress Alexandra Breckenridge has dated a host of famous personalities. In the early 2000s, she reportedly started seeing Bryten Goss. Her relationship with the actress lasted three years.

Another actor she was allegedly seeing was American Horror Story co-star Evan Peters. Their relationship ran to 2010.

She was also rumored to be seeing the creator of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane. Alexandra worked with him on the critically acclaimed animated series. The American television star, however, confirmed that the two were just long-time friends.

Who is her husband, Casey Hooper?

Alexandra Breckenridge’s husband is an American musician who works with pop star Katy Perry. Casey is the lead guitarist in Katy Perry’s band.

The two have worked together for several years now, traipsing across the world to perform in different countries. They have headlined Grammy Awards and the Opening Ceremony of the Indian Cricket Season.

Image of Alexandra Breckenridge with her husband Casey Hooper
Caption: Alexandra Breckenridge with her husband, Casey Hooper

Perhaps his greatest achievement came when he was one of the headline acts during the Super Bowl XLIX show at halftime. Casey ventured into music from the moment he stepped out of high school back in 2005.

It was not easy at first, as he had to contend with rejections from several artists. These included the likes of Selena Gomez and rockstar Avril Lavigne.

The American guitarist was born on July 16th, 1986, in Des Moines. He is 33 years old, making him four years younger than his wife.

Casey Hooper is the son of Rebecca Cartwright and Dave Hooper. The talented musician was raised alongside a younger brother, Spencer Hooper.

A glance into his Instagram account reveals that he has 12.5k followers. It shows his dedication to the band ‘the Perrys.’

Several of his posts are related to the group which he is a part of. One of the pictures features him at the Ellen Show, where his band performed some of their songs.

 She is a horror film fanatic.

The daytime drama actress is surprisingly a horror fan. We were stunned because most of the movies and shows she has worked on are categorized as drama. She has praised psychological thriller titles like the Shinning and Rose Mary’s Baby.

In fact, Alexandra Breckenridge watched the Stanley Kubrick film when she was just eight years old! The 37-year old actress is at the forefront of theatres every time a horror film is set to premiere.

She is a redhead.

Statistics have shown that less than 2% of the world’s population are redheads. Alexandra Breckenridge is one of the people afflicted with this beautiful form of mutation.

What are Alexandra’s measurements?

The ‘This is Us’ actress stands at an impressive 1.71 meters, or 5 feet 7 inches if you are using a different measurement.

In regards to her weight, we found that she weighs 57kgs. Her body measurements are 36-26-37. These numbers give her the kind of figure most women can only dream of.

Image of Actress, Alexandra Breckenridge height is 5 feet 7 inches
Caption: Actress, Alexandra Breckenridge height is 5 feet 7 inches

She is a fan of tattoos.

The seasoned television actress is an outspoken love of tattoos. She has three to date. These include a black swirl image located on her left shoulder.

The second tattoo Alexandra Breckenridge got was a fairy across her back. Alexandra, however, covered it up later on for some reason. The last tattoo the prominent actress has is a crouching fairy, which is located along her calf.

Image of Alexandra faint fairy tattoo across her back
Caption: Alexandra faint fairy tattoo across her back

A look at Alexandra’s social media accounts.

The 37-year old television personality is very active on Instagram. She has over 364,000 followers and has posted over 1000 times to date.

Alexandra Breckenridge mostly uses the page for advertising some of her upcoming work. She has alerted fans to the premiere of Netflix’s Virgin River, which she is a part of.

Most recently, she posted a picture in recognition of health workers who were putting their lives on the line during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite having a twitter account, the veteran actress has not posted anything since 2018. At the time of her last post, she had 83.8K followers. She is also reasonably dormant on her Facebook page. It is clear that she has a preference for Instagram.

Alexandra Breckenridge Wiki-bio.

Full name Alexandra Hetherington Breckenridge
Age 37 years old.
Date of Birth May 15th, 1982
Place of Birth Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA.
Profession Social media personality, Actress, Voice Actress, Television Personality
Net worth $2 million
Partner Casey Hooper
Kids 2
Parents Under review
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5 feet 7 inches

Alexandra Breckenridge is a native of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Though she has had a successful film career, it was a little start and stop at the beginning. She was cast as the lead actress on the show ‘Mystery Girl’ back in 2005. Unfortunately, it was never picked up.

Later that year, she got the chance to work on a film titled ‘The Jacket.’ Again, she found that luck was not on her side as all her parts were cut out of the final edit.

Image of Alexandra Breckenridge Biography and 11 facts you would know.