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Ali Wong Net Worth. Facts about Her Husband Justin Hakuta.

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Alexandra Dawn Wong is a San Francisco native who is popularly referred to as ‘Ali.’ She plies her trade as an actress, author, and television personality.

Ali Wong’s comedy exploits began sometime in her early 20s. Since then, she has gone on to host a series of Netflix specials such as Hard Knock Wife.

This show, in particular, has gone on to receive both public and critical acclaim. Other than television, Alexandra has also published several books. These range from titles like Dear Girls: Intimate Tales to Baby Cobra. Here are a few facts about her husband.

Ali Wong as a comedian.

Wong dived right into comedy immediately after completing college. At the time, she was only 23 years old. Her first gig came at Brainwash Cafe, which provided the launching pad she needed to make the switch to New York. Ali worked hard in the big apple, taking several gigs a week to realize her potential as a comedian.

Recognition finally came in 2011 after she landed a place on variety’s top 10 comics to look out for. What followed next was a series of comedic appearances on shows such as Chelsea Lately, Best Week Ever, and John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show.

Photo of Ali Wong.
Alexandra Dawn Wong

Netflix eventually came calling, offering Ali her very own special on the network. This came in 2016, with the premiere of the comedy special, ‘Baby Cobra.’ Remarkably, Wong filmed the project when she was almost 7 months pregnant.

It took two more years before Netflix offered Wong a second special on their platform. The project was titled ‘Hard Knock Wife,’ and wouldn’t you know it; Wong was pregnant once again during filming.

Ali’s exploits on comedy and television have seen her work with other industry titans such as Amy Schumer over the years.

Ali Wong Net Worth 2021.

It is fair to say that a good deal of Wong’s wealth can be directly attributed to her career as a comedian. Sources say that fans usually have to pay around $45 whenever they want to watch one of her stand-up show live.

As the main act, Ali receives a significant portion of the profits. At the height of her career, Ali was so popular that Netflix and HBO, two television heavy-weights, were involved in a bidding war for her services.

Netflix eventually won out, and it was estimated that they paid Wong about $1.5 million for her specials. As things stand, Ali Wong’s net worth rests at $3 million.

Ali Wong is married to her husband, Justin Hakuta.

In an interview, Ali revealed that she met her future husband Justin back in 2010 while they were both attending the same wedding reception. It was love at first sight for Ali, who made it her mission to get Justin to fall for her.

On the contrary, Justin fell for her after catching one of Ali’s stand-up shows. Wong later revealed that the two of them did not get the chance to even make-out right up until they got to their fifth date. Four years on from the initial encounter, Ali and Justin Hakuta officially decided to tie the knot.

Weeding photo of Ali Wong and her husband, Justin Hakuta.
Ali Wong, with her husband, Justin Hakuta.

However, before they could do so, Justin’s parents requested a pre-nuptial agreement to protect the family’s assets. Ali has revealed that the document worried her at first.

However, she eventually realized that it was the motivation she needed to make her own money. The couple has stuck together through both good and difficult times.

At one point, they even had to deal with a miscarriage. In an interview, Ali revealed they took to using mushrooms to cope. Interestingly, this was not the first time they tried hallucinogens as the pair of them traveled to Mexico in search of Ayahuasca.

Facts about her husband, Justin Hakuta.

Ali Wong’s husband, Justin, is the son of business tycoon and television star Ken Hakuta. Justin’s father put the family on the map back in the 80s after introducing the Wacky Wall Walker. This was a sticky octopus-shaped gadget that crawled across walls.

Ali Wong’s husband Justin Hakuta was born on October 18th, 1982, which would make him 38 years old at the moment. Examining his educational background, we learned that he was a former student at the Sidwell Friends School, which is based in Washington.

Photo of Ali Wong's husband, Justin Hakuta.
Ali Wong’s husband, Justin Hakuta.

Besides this, he also went to Carnegie Mellon University and the prestigious Harvard University, where he graduated with an MBA. Upon completing his studies, Ali decided to take on various new ventures. These include an online Yoga service, as well as working for companies such as GoodRx and All Day Buffet.


Ali Wong and her husband, Justin Hakuta, have two children. Mari Hakuta was born back in 2015 and is presently five. Her sister Nikki followed two years later, which makes her just three years old.

Photo of Ali Wong caring her children.
Ali Wong with her children.

Her family.

Ali is the daughter of Adolphus and Tammy Wong. She is the youngest child in a family of six. Her father, Adolphus, is a Chinese-American citizen; her mother, Tammy, on the other hand, is an immigrant from Vietnam.

Height and weight.

Wong measures in at 1.52 meters, which also translates to just 5 feet tall. She also weighs about 110 pounds.

Age and Birthday.

Ali Wong was born on April 19th, 1982, in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, California. As we speak, she is 38 years old.


Regarding her ethnicity, Ali is of Asian descent.

A look at her social media.

Ali Wong’s popularity has extended over to social media over the years. A quick glance at her Instagram account reveals that she has about 2 million followers. She mostly uses this platform to shed light on important issues, such as raising funds for important causes.


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Ali also weighed in on the George Floyd debate, showing support for the Blacks Live Matter movement and an end to police brutality. Her popularity is also evident on Twitter, where she commands a following of 190K.

Photo of American comedian, Ali Wong