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Alice Eve ex-husband Alex Cowper-Smith wiki Biography.

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Alice Eve is a 39-year old British actress who has appeared as a host of different film and television franchises. These include the Entourage series, Star Trek, and even Men in Black.

Her latest exploits on television came on 2020’s historical drama, Belgravia. Alice was once married to a man named Alex Cowper Smith.

Alex is a British banker who has enjoyed significant success in his industry. This is highlighted by the fact that he has worked with prestigious firms such as Goldman Sachs. Here is everything you need to know about Alice Eve’s ex-husband, Alex Cowper-Smith.

Who is Alice Eve’s Ex-Husband Alex Cowper-Smith?

Alex Cowper-Smith is a financial expert, investment banker, and philanthropist. His educational background includes a stint at the University of Nottingham, where he earned a business and finance degree. After graduation, she was headhunted by Goldman Sachs, an American Investment Banking Company.

While with the company, Alex took on duties such as asset management, investment management, and prime brokering. Alice Eve’s ex-husband was so important to the company that he was eventually recognized as a financier of the year back in 2015.

Alice Eve ex-husband Alex Cowper-Smith
English actress, Alice Eve ex-husband Alex Cowper-Smith

Strangely enough, Alex left the company at the height of his career. Besides the world of finance, Alice Eve’s ex-husband, Alex, is also very active when it comes to charity work. Sources say that he regularly works with the British Red Cross Society, helping them to raise the funds they need to help people.

Age and D.O.B.

Alex Cowper-Smith was born in 1982 in the United Kingdom. He is set to turn 39-years old later this year. Sources say that Alex spent most of his childhood in England, attending high school and university in the country.

Alice Eve Former Husband Alex Cowper Net Worth.

A great deal of Alex Cowper-Smith’s income has come from his time in the world of finance. The company he worked for, Goldman Sachs, reported career earnings of approximately $44 billion just last year.

A look at the company also revealed that financiers like Alex earned roughly $350,000 every year. As of 2021, Alex Cowper-Smith’s net worth stands at $1 million.

This is in stark contrast to his ex-wife’s net worth, which stands at $6 million. There have been reports that suggest that Alex received some compensation from his ex-wife once the divorce papers were signed.

Relationship with his ex-wife, Alice Eve.

Alex and Alice first met at Westminster School. At the time, both of them were students at the institution. They quickly took a liking to each other and started dating, right up until they graduated.

After this, their paths veered as Alice chose to focus on her acting while Alex decided to concentrate on his career in finance.

More than a decade later, the two would decide to rekindle their relationship. This eventually culminated in a wedding back on December 31st, 2014.

Alice Eve with ex-husband
Alice Eve with her ex-husband Alex Cowper-Smith

Alice and Alex’s wedding took place at Brompton Oratory in London. Unfortunately, the pair only stayed together for three years.

Both of their work began to get in the way of their relationship. At one point, Alex even stepped down from his lucrative position at Goldman Sachs in order to try and save his marriage.

While the gesture was remarkable, it wasn’t enough to salvage his marriage. The couple did not have any children together while they were married.

It is believed that Alex continues to reside in London, while his ex-wife Alice is making a name for herself in Hollywood.

Alice Eve and Alex Cowper-Smith