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Alison Sweeney Net Worth, Measurements. Husband David Sanov

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TV host, actress, producer, and a loving wife and mother, Alison Sweeney, never ceases to amaze her fans how she can perform all her duties very well.

Sweeney has acted and hosted for many years now, and all her hard work has been fruitful. But before Alison became an actress, she was just a girl dreaming of making it big in Hollywood.

Now, Alison has a stable career and a good-looking husband. Fans cannot help but be curious about the lucky man who caught Alison Sweeney’s heart. Let’s talk about her husband, David Sanov, here.

Keen to know more about the talented 45-year-old actress and her life regarding her net worth and body measurements? Keep on reading this article to get all the details.

Alison Sweeney Net Worth

As a sought-after TV host and actress, Alison Sweeney’s net worth estimate is approximately $9 million.

According to reports, Sweeney’s salary per episode is $45 thousand.

Image of TV host, and actress, Alison Sweeny
TV host and actress, Alison Sweeny

Height and Measurements

Alison Sweeney stands at the height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She weighs approximately 129 pounds.

Moreover, Sweeney’s body shape is at 39-25036 inches.

Alison Sweeney is Married to her husband, David Sanov

Alison Sweeney married David Sanov on the 8th of July, 2000. Sweeney and Sanov currently live in Hollywood Hills West. According to reports, they bought a Mediterranean-inspired house in 2006.

Alison and David were already close friends when they met. According to credible sources, their parents were workmates. Alison and her husband, David, reunited at a gathering in 1997. During that time, David asked Alison out.

Sweeney and her spouse, Sanov, have two beautiful children together. Their first child is Benjamin Edward, who was born in the year 2005. And in the year 2009, they welcomed their daughter Megan Sanov.

Both Alison and David are loving parents. In an interview with Closer Weekly, Alison said that watching her kids grow and thrive is the most rewarding event of motherhood.

Alison Sweeney with her husband, David Sanov and her children
Alison Sweeney with her husband, David Sanov, and her children

Alison Sweeney Biography

Day of Our Lives star was born in California, particularly Los Angeles, on the 19th of September, in 1976. As of 2022, the actress is 45 years of age.

Alison was born to parents Stender and Polly Sweeney. Furthermore, she has two siblings named Sten and Ryan Sweeney.

Alison Sweeney husband, David Sanov Wiki

David Sanov is currently a Highway Patrol Officer in California. Although he is not into acting, he made an appearance on the show Days Of Our Lives, where he played a police officer in the series.

Alison’s husband was born in Los Angeles on January 1st, 1997, and went to Oakwood School. Furthermore, he graduated in 1994 from the University of California.

David Sanov was reportedly into sports, mainly basketball. Moreover, as a kid, David had always been interested in playing cop, that is why he chose to be a real-life police officer when he got older.

Alison Sweeney with her husband, David Sanov
A good-looking couple, Alison Sweeney and her husband, David Sanov


Ever since Sweeney was a kid, she has been interested in acting. She landed her first advertisement gig when she was just five years old. The commercial she appeared in was an advertisement for Kodak.

Alison appeared in different TV series before landing the role of Sami Brady in the series Days of Our lives. This project then became a huge event in her career. With her fantastic portrayal in the series, fans and critics alike continue to show support and look forward to her other future projects.

In 1984, Sweeney played the role of Lyla in the series Simon & Simon. In 1985, she appeared in Webster and St. Elsewhere. The actress also participated in Tales from the Darkside, where she portrayed Karen’s character in two of the show’s episodes. Tales from the Darkside is a horror and comedy-drama about different ghost stories and supernatural events. The series ran from 1983 until 1988.

One of Sweeney’s latest projects is the series Hannah Swensen Mysteries. The series revolves around a baker named Hannah Swensen, who gets caught up with detective work and investigates murders. The show aired in 2021 and is still ongoing.

Furthermore, she also appeared in “Friendsas Jessica Ashley. She appeared in the episode entitled The One with Joey’s Award.

Alison also took part in directing seven episodes of Days of Our Lives and two episodes of another famous series General Hospital. She was also the executive producer of the TV movie entitled Christmas at Holly Lodge and the Mini-Series called The Chronicle Mysteries: The Wrong Man.

Aside from being an actress, Alison Sweeney is also a television host. Sweeney hosted The Biggest Loser. The biggest loser is a people-favorite reality show about people taking challenges to lose weight and win the series.

At 45 years old, Alison Sweeney continues to rock the world of acting and hosting. She proves to be one of Hollywood’s gems. Her acting, hosting, and producing skills surely did her good and will make her even more successful.

Facts about Alison Sweeney Net Worth, Measurements. Husband David Sanov