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Alison Victoria and Luke Harding are Separated. Her New boyfriend is Michael Marks

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Alison Victoria and her ex-husband Luke Harding started off well but ended in separation. Fans are curious whether or not the two have already moved on.

What fans thought would have been forever ended after a few years of marriage.

Are you curious to know about their love story? This write-up will give you all the details about Alison Victoria and Like Harding’s romance and separation. Also, learn more about Alison Victoria’s new boyfriend, Michael Marks.

Who is Alison Victoria?

Image of Alison Victoria
Alison Victoria is an American TV personality and the host of Windy City Rehab

Alison Victoria is an actress and interior designer. She became famous for being the host of HGTV. Moreover, HGTV focuses on home design.

Moreover, Alison was born on the 31st of October, 1981. She is currently 40 years old.

Furthermore, she was born to Becky Karacosta and Becky’s husband. Unfortunately, Alison’s father passed away last 2021.

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding’s Love life

Image of Alison Victoria with her former partner, Luke Harding
Alison Victoria with her former partner, Luke Harding

The designer is the ex-wife of Luke Harding. Moreover, Alison and Luke crossed paths with each other after seeking love on an online dating site.

In addition, the online site where they met was After meeting, Alison and Luke started casually dating in the year 2011.

Furthermore, Luke proposed to Alison in Paris near the famous Eiffel Tower. And two years after, in June of 2013, the couple had already prepared their engagement party.

Finally, in the same year, they officially became husband and wife. Moreover, reports say that the couple said their wedding vows at the fabulous Drake Hotel, where they had over 120 guests in participation.

Moreover, it is known that their wedding was grand, and a lot of people witnessed the couple tying the knot in holy matrimony. However, Luke and Alison’s love story did not last long because after five years of marriage, they decided to go their own separate ways.

The couple filed for divorce and officially parted ways in February 2019. There’s no exact reason why they separated, and the former couple continues to stay silent about it.

Additionally, it is unknown whether or not Luke Harding is dating anyone new at the moment.

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding’s Kids

Alison and Luke do not have a kid of their own. Moreover, people and fans were curious about the little girl Alison was with.

Some even said that the little girl was her daughter. However, the TV host quickly explained herself. She said that the little girl was her niece and that she did not have any children.

Alison Victoria’s Love life with other partners

Alison Victoria is probably the best at confusing the public about her love life status. First, The interior designer had a work husband whose name was Donovan Eckhardt. However, she announced their “split” during an interview.

Secondly, Victoria is active on Instagram, and many fans would remember that she posted a photo of her and a guy she calls “Kenneth Wayne Johnson.” She did not say anything about it but she constantly posts photos of them together with sweet captions.

People thought it was her longtime boyfriend, Michael Marks. However, many people noticed that the man in the photo was a different person.

And lastly, rumors also say that Victoria is dating a guy named Mike Holmes. Mike Holmes is the guy behind Holmes Family Rescue and is also a podcast host.

Alison has not made public comments about her relationship status. But, people cannot deny that she is good at confusing the audience. This is possibly a subtle hint to the public that her love life is her business and not anyone else’s

Alison Victoria is currently in a relationship with Michael Marks

Image of Alison Victoria with her boyfriend, Michael Marks
Alison Victoria with her boyfriend, Michael Marks

Alison Victoria is now in a relationship with a Longtime Boyfriend, Michael Marks. Unfortunately, the interior designer does not post much about him on her social media accounts.

People assume that Marks is possibly Alison Victoria’s current and long-term partner.

Who is Michael Marks?

Michael Marks is supposedly Alison Victoria’s longtime boyfriend, so it made her fans curious about the man who captured the beautiful interior designer’s heart.

i. Personal Life

Michael Marks was born in Chicago. His mother’s side of the family hails from Ikaria, while his father’s side of the family hails from the Peloponnese.

Because of his bloodline, Michael Marks is a proud Greek-American.

ii. Education

Michael Marks went to Boston College. He also went to Kendall College and took a course related to the hospitality and restaurant industry.

iii. Career

Marks started his career working for a Chicago restaurant with the name One Sixtyblue.

Marks then became interested in the real estate business and became a realtor for Marcus & Wakefield. Moreover, he is the current Managing Director of the firm. In addition, he has been in real estate for 21 years now.

Michael Marks is also a member of HALC, which focuses on the leadership of Greek American community leaders.

Quick Facts

Full Name Alison Victoria
Date of Birth October 31, 1981
Profession Actress
Age (2022) 40 years old
Mother Becky Karacostas
Father Unknown
Siblings Jamie Gramenos, Diana Gramenos, and Nicholas James Gramenos
Partner Michael Marks

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Image of Alison Victoria with her partner, Michael Marks