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Andrea Bang Net Worth, Height, Age, Love Life

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Andrea Bang took the world of TV by storm with her wit, humor, and acting skills. The Canadian star makes viewers fall in love with her personality as she channels the character Janet in a hit sitcom. Furthermore, as fans fall in love with her charm, they are also curious whether or not the actress is dating anyone.

Are you keen to know too? Scroll through this write-up as we take a glance at Andrea Bang’s Love life. Also, find out about her height, age, and how much she is worth.

Andrea Bang Age

Andrea Bang was born on May 2nd, 1989. Moreover, the actress is 32 years old.


Andrea Bangs stands at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Moreover, the actress is shorter than Simu Liu, whose height is 6 feet. Simu Liu is Andrea’s co-star in Kim’s Convenience.

The Candian actress, Andrea Bang height measurements
Andrea Bang’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

Additionally, she is also 3 inches shorter than Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, 5 foot 10. Paul is the lead in Kim’s Convenience and Andrea’s co-star,

Andrea Bang Net Worth

The Burnaby native wanted to be a librarian, teacher, and construction worker when she was a kid. However, her career path completely changed as she took her chance in acting.

The actress started by acting in short films. Her first role was Pran for the short film Playdate. The actress then appeared in other short films like Closet People, Bon Bon Fire, Networking with James, and Lucy Dies.

Andrea’s short film gigs paid off as she starred in different series and full-length movies. The actress participated in the series Convos with My 2-Year Old in 2016, appearing as a Girl Guide. Moreover, she also starred in Sunnyhearts Community Center as Lucille.

Andrea got cast as Angela Park in 2018’s Camp Death III in 2D!. And finally, in 2019, she became a regular cast for the TV Series Running With Violet. Bang’s most notable TV series is Kim’s Convenience. She starred as the character Janet and appeared in all 65 episodes.

Furthermore, Kim’s Convenience aired in 2016 until 2021. Furthermore, Andrea revealed in an interview that Kim’s Convenience is the first TV gig she booked. Prior to the show, she had no TV experience.

Andrea Bang net worth and income sources
Andrea Bang’s net worth estimate is about $9 million

Her acting career and the numerous movies and series she’s been in are one of her income sources.

Moreover, the actress also earns through brand endorsements. Currently, Andrea Bang’s net worth estimate is about $9 million. Furthermore, Andrea still has upcoming projects, so her net worth will still increase in the future.

Is Andrea Bang Dating a Boyfriend or Married to a wife?

 Andrea Bang is beautiful. The 32-year old is anyone’s dream crush which is why fans are curious whether or not she is dating anyone.

Andrea has not revealed her relationship status as of the moment. Moreover, it seems like the Burnaby native is not dating or marrying anyone. She is visibly focusing on her career in acting and continues to dominate the entertainment industry.

Quick Facts

Full Name Andrea Bang
Date of Birth May 2, 1989
Profession Actress
Age (2022) 32 years old
Relationship Single
Net worth $9 million
Andrea Bang Net Worth, height, Age, Love Life