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How old is Andy Milonakis? His Wife, Net Worth and Facts

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Andy Milonakis is a 44 years old American actor, comedian, rapper, writer, and social media celebrity. He became famous for his sketch show, ‘The Andy Milokanis Show that aired on MTV and MTV2 between 2005 and 2007 and has maintained the momentum of his fame, even taking it to a higher level through his continued hard work on his talents and profession.

Andy has a disorder that has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, and it has become his identity. In this article, we will have him in the spotlight, focusing on Andy Milonakis’ net worth and wife.

Andy Milonakis is a self-made comedian. After his studies, he got a well-paying job at the New York City accounting firm, the late 90s (he may have studied accounting). The role earned him a living, but not satisfaction, on his free time, he would do funny clips and sketches and post them on his friend’s ‘’ One of his videos received 100K views within a day, and that was his turning point to fame and success.

Over the years, he has had his own show, ‘Andy Milokanis Show 2005 – 2007, made an appearance on several shows, including and not limited to Crank Yankers 2002 – 2007 Kroll Show on Comedy Central, 2013 – 2015 and Adventure Time, 2010 – 2018, for his love for traveling and adventure.

Andy Milonakis Ne Worth.

Andy has a massive influence on social media, on 20th May 2020, he tweeted the third most-liked tweet in the history of Twitter. He said, “Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice” after his amazement by the US government launching a rocket to space amid the COVID 19 pandemic and George Floyd protests. 3.8 million people liked the tweet, far much more than followers on Twitter who are 607K.

He is also a top Twitch celebrity, a platform that has had a significant influence on his fame on comedy. He has 257K subscribers on YouTube, he also has a successful music career as a rapper with an elegant touch of humor on his videos and appeared on several music videos

Andy has had an active and successful career for the past two decades. He has turned a tremendous amount of wealth from his salaries and also earnings from social media. Currently, Comedian Andy Milonakis’ net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

He found his way on how to make money out of his talent on the internet and shows, which has worked so well for him. Every video he publishes on youtube gains millions of views generating Andy Milonakis huge cash flows.

Image of Rapper, Andy Milonakis net worth
Caption: Rapper, Andy Milonakis net worth

Is Andy Milonakis Married to his wife?

At the age of 44, Andy is still unmarried. This is one of the subjects that he has made most jokes about. From his Facebook posts, it looks like he has had several women in the past. In November 2014, when he visited Japan, he became close to a lady named Yuka Chan.

She introduced him as a friend on her posts. The two even celebrated that years’ Christmas together. It looks like it was just a short time friendship because they have never been spotted.

In 2015, Andy shared a steamy photo of him with Michael McLean, where the lady was topless, and Andy’s hand was on her bare thighs.

He again posted another photo of him with Jordan Hernandez, a musician, and finally with Amber Rose in 2017. The comments on these posts suggest that there could have been more than the eyes could see. Since then, Andy has been careful about his posts, and his Instagram is all about comedy and food. To conclude, Andy Milonakis’ wife doesn’t exist.

About Andy Milonakis Disease.

Andy has a defect with his growth hormone. This deficiency is the reason he sounds and looks like a young boy despite his age. If he were a lady, he would be approaching menopause while sounding like a teenager.

This condition has come in two folds of almost equal measure; he was bullied in school and still gets trolled by his competitors, which he has overcome with humor. Yet, it has also been a blessing as many prole are impressed by how this disability has not been an inability for him.

Full name Andrew Michael Milonakis
Age 44 Years
Date of Birth 30th January 1976
Place of Birth Katonah, New York
Profession Actor, Comedian, Rapper, Social Media Celebrity
Net worth $ 1 – 3 Million
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Parents N/A