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Anthony Rodia Wife, Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth, Facts.

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Anthony Rodia is an Italian American comedian. He best portrays his internet character, Uncle Vinny. Anthony isn’t that famous, but he has managed to crack open people’s ribs. Apart from his YouTube channel, he is also a professional stand-up comedian. If you are in town and want to listen to Anthony’s jokes, just make sure to buy a ticket from Yuk Yuks- International Stand Up Comedy Site.

As you continue reading, you will get to learn more details about Anthony Rodia, aka Uncle Vinny. Is he married? Does he have a family? Let me take you through his life.

Who is Anthony Rodia?

Anthony Rodia is a first-generation Italian Comedian from Westchester. He has not yet disclosed personal details of himself. He is known to perform hilarious skits and song parodies. Through his YouTube channel, he allows the world to see how talented and funny he is.

His hit characters are Zia Lucia and Uncle Vinny. Using funny filters is also what makes his videos even more entertaining. People love him because he always writes new materials that prove to be hilarious.

Image of Italian Comedian, Anthony Rodia
Caption: Italian Comedian, Anthony Rodia

Anthony Rodia Net Worth.

Anthony Rodia’s net worth is still Under Review. But, thanks to the internet, we can be able to estimate. According to pay scales, stand-up comedians who are one nighter’s make about $100-$200 in 45 minutes. For one who does it as an actual job like Anthony, make a maximum of $266 per hour.

Anthony Rodia’s Wife is Gabriella Rodia.

Anthony has not publicly disclosed any information on his family. So, we took the liberty of going through his social media accounts. The action was not in vain. We managed to find beautiful pictures of his wife and three children. Anthony’s wife is Gabriella Rodia, and by the looks of it, they are enjoying their married life.

Image of Anthony Rodia with wife Gabriella along with their kids
Caption: Anthony Rodia with wife Gabriella along with their kids

Wiki bio, and facts.

Full name Anthony Rodia
Age Mid-40s
Date of Birth 1970s
Place of Birth Westchester, United States
Profession Comedian
Net worth Under Review
Wife Gabriella Rodia
Kids 3
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents Under Review

Anthony Rodia was born in Westchester, United States. We also know that he is Italian. By looking at him, we can be able to tell that he is in his mid-forties.

Anthony has an Instagram and Facebook account. His Facebook and Instagram handle is @rodiacomedy. His posts are full of pictures of his family and short videos of his funny videos.

Image of Anthony Rodia Wife, Wikipedia, Bio, Net Worth and Facts.