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Anthony Rodia Wikipedia: His wife, parents, net worth and Facts.

Anthony Rodia has been making people laugh since he was young. He is famous for his sensational comedy character “Uncle Vinny,” which is on full display on social media.

Every time he goes in front of the camera, Anthony develops new things, new ideas, and content. Besides making funny videos, he is also a professional standup comedian. People also love him for his hilarious skits and song parodies.

Today in this article, we will find many details on Anthony Rodia, his family, net worth, and interesting facts about him.

Anthony Rodia Wikipedia-Bio

Anthony Rodia was born and brought up in West Chester, New York, US. He has progressed his career through social media. Rodia studied finance, but he eventually pursued a career in making people laugh because of his natural passion and talent.

Anthony admits doing comedy not for survival but as a part of his life and passion. Every day he tries to be funny in a new way and try to be funny in a new way either in stage or behind the stage.

Going back to his early twenties, he did few comedy shows before working as a finance manager at a luxury car dealership. As he was a born artist, he started featuring on multiple shows.

He sold out at “White Plain Performing Art Center,” “Levity Lives,” “Caroline’s on Broadway,” “Williamson Theater College of Staten Island,” “Governor Comedy Club.” As a result, Rodia left his job as finance manager.

Then, he started making comedy videos and posted on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Every day he tried to give a different flavor to his audience.

It didn’t matter whether he was on holiday or just hanging out at home; he never failed to bring out amazing content. This led him to 77k subscribers on YouTube, 163k followers in Instagram.

At present, due to his unique content and delivery, his videos have been watched more than 10 million times. Apart from this, Anthony works as a professional standup comedian, operating in theater and live shows.

Italian American Comedian, Anthony Rodia
Famous for his sensational comedy character “Uncle Vinny” in his social media, Anthony Rodia

Who is Anthony Rodia Wife? His Kids

Anthony has not disclosed any details associated with his family members. We can find his beautiful wife, Gabriella Rodia, and three lovely children thanks to the internet. Anthony and Gabriella tied the knot on 13th September 2014.

Recently, the duo had their sixth marriage anniversary on 13th September 2020, proving that they are still happily married. Moreover, Gabriella is the mother of three children, which makes her a full-time housewife.

Furthermore, the couple always shares family moments on Instagram. They admit that their life is not perfect, as seen in their social media account. Regardless, they are content.

Anthony Rodia wife and kids
Italian American Comedian Anthony Rodia with his Gabriella Rodia and kids

Anthony often makes a comedy video that comprises of his daughters and wife as an actor. People love how the family fits in for comedy with their awesome skills in humor.

Anthony Rodia Net Worth

Rodia never talks about his earning. As such, his actual net worth hasn’t been made public. However, Anthony Rodia disclosed that he earns a maximum of $266 for every 45 minutes of his one-night standup comedy. Other than that, Rodia also makes quite a bit of income through ad revenues on social media.

Age and Birthday

Anthony was born in the 1970s and is projected to be in his mid-40s. Moreover, he is American by nationality and Italian by ethnicity.

Social Media Activities

Anthony Rodia is massively popular in Facebook, with 706k followers in 2021. He uses the platform for promoting his live shows and events. In addition, he shares funny videos featuring himself on some interesting topics. Anthony is also on Instagram as @rodiacomedy. He has 163k followers on the platform. Judging from his comments, it’s evident that fans love him and the content he puts out there.

Italian American Comedian, Anthony Rodia