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Arlette Saenz Wikipedia: Her Age, Husband, and Facts

Arlette Saenz is a political reporter at CNN. Moreover, she is a Washington-based journalist who joined the network as a white house correspondent in 2018. Furthermore, she covered the election process in 2020, pivoting at the democratic candidate and the current US president Joe Biden.

This article will touch on Arlette Saenz’s Wikipedia info, age, husband, and additional facts.

Arlette Saenz Wikipedia-Bio

Arlette Saenz is an American journalist and a CNN white house correspondent. She covered the 2020 presidential campaign, focusing on the democratic participant, Joe Biden.

Furthermore, Saenz has previously done many reports on Trump and Obama. In 2007, Arlette acquired her graduate degree from the University of Notre Dame. She completed a course on American studies and also studied a minor program in Hesburgh Program in Public service.

Arlette landed her first job back in 2005 as an intern for ABC Nightline. However, she didn’t stay long with the company as she got a new intern opportunity at WOAI-TV.

There, she worked for a year before leaving in 2007. In August 2007, she took a significant step in her career by joining ABC News as a senior desk manager. For three years, she honed and learned multiple skills, gaining a fair amount of experience in the process as well.

Finally, in September 2010, Arlette got her first work as a digital journalist. She was also responsible for covering issues regarding the Senate.

Is Arlette Saenz married? Relationship Status

Arlette is very professional, so she hardly reveals her personal life. According to inside information, we can verify that she has a boyfriend. However, his details are not known to anyone outside her circle. Saenz tends to ignore any questions relating to her love life and prefers to keep it to herself. There aren’t any leads on her marriage. As for now, it seems like a far-fetched idea.

Her Age, Birthday, Height, and Measurements

Arlette was born on April 22, 1983. As a result, she just celebrated her 38 birthday in 2021. Arlette has an astounding figure and stands at 5’5” with a weight of about 121 pounds.

Net Worth and Salary

Arlette Saenz has a net worth of $800k in 2021. Sources say that an average news reporter can earn from about $25k to $72K. As a CNN correspondence, Arlette earns a decent figure of about $112K to $150k annually. Thanks to her career in CNN and other popular networks, she has amassed a decent figure in her bank account.

Arlette Saenz looking beautiful in red shirt
A political reporter at CNN, Arlette Saenz

Parents and Family

Arlette Saenz was born to father, Gilbert L Saenz. Anything other than his name isn’t public yet. She also has a mom and a sister Alex Saenz, who completes the family of four.

Image of a political reporter at CNN, Arlette Saenz