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Ashley Burgos Age, Daughter, Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know.

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Ashley Marie Burgos is a successful fashion designer, entrepreneur, and social media personality from New York. Other than that, she is also the part-owner of the brand ‘Bold and Beautiful’.

This is a brand she built alongside her mother. What is even more remarkable about Ashley is that she is an active contributor to the line. Both she and her mother take part in designing the sleepwear collection. Burgos is also fairly popular on social media. Her age and her daughter are well mentioned here.

As of 2019, she had amassed 207,000 followers on her Instagram account. Learn more interesting facts that you don’t know about Ashley’s life in this review.

Who is Ashley Burgos?

Ashley Marie Burgos is an African-American video vixen, Instagram model, and businesswoman. Burgos is the daughter of Bernice, an Instagram star, business owner, and model. Her father’s identity still remains obscure, though the public is aware that he has been incarcerated a few times.

When Ashley was born, her father was nineteen years old. She did not grow up in a pompous, lush environment. Her mother, on the other hand, was only fifteen years old at the time of Ashley’s birth.

Photo of Ashley Burgos.
Ashley Burgos

After graduating from Hempstead High School, Burgos began posting sizzling photographs on her Instagram account. Ashley, like her mother, secured a job as a waitress and a bartender before obtaining her big break.

Due to her mother’s roots in the industry, she was able to kick off her modeling career. This happened before she even turned eighteen years old. Ashley’s career took off after she signed contracts with renowned fashion brands such as ‘Fashion Nova.’

Later on, she’d settle into a more corporate role as the marketing manager and brand promoter of ‘Bold and Beautiful’. Working with her mother also inspired her to create her own line, therefore suggesting that she wants to embrace independence and not clutch on to her mother’s fame. This makes her an inspiration to young women everywhere.

How old is Ashley Burgos? Age and DOB

Ashley Marie Burgos was born on May 9th, 1996 in New York, USA. This year, she turned twenty-five years old. Ashley has traces of Puerto Rican heritage.

She shares her birthday with iconic figures like actress Amy Hill and actor John Corbett. What they all have in common is their bloodlust for success and love for the camera.

Net Worth and Income

Ashley Marie Burgos majorly generates her income from her lucrative career as an Instagram model. Sources revealed that she earns $500 for every sponsored post. With her popularity on social media, Ashley accrues handsomely from her modeling gigs.

Ashley, together with her mother, opened a sleepwear line that specializes in creating alluring yet comfortable clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. The idea for this venture was Ashley’s.

One outfit from the brand costs $64.99. At times the figure fluctuates to $89.99. As of 2020, Ashley Burgos’ net worth is $1 million.

Ashley Burgos Has a 3 Years old Daughter named India Ava Burgos.

Burgos is very secretive when it comes to her romantic engagements. Ashley gave birth to her daughter, India Ava Burgos when she was 21-years old. This spurred a lot of negative reactions on the internet.

Ashley did not take the harsh criticism to heart. Bernice, Ashley’s mother, rushed to defend her. Soon after, the social media spite subsided especially after Ashley’s fans surfaced to support her.

Photo of Ashley Burgos and her daughter, India Ava Burgos.
Ashley Burgos with her daughter, India Ava Burgos.

For a while, the identity of Ashley’s baby daddy was hidden. In January 2018, Ashley posted an array of pictures revealing who the father of her child was. Apparently, the renowned businessman, Bubba was married but separated during the time of India’s conception.

It also caused a social media frenzy as people rushed to criticized social media personalities. Bubba is the co-founder of HBTL, a successful music label.

According to the pictures from Ashley’s baby shower (organized by Bernice), Bubba’s smile lit up the room. He couldn’t have been happier. In February 2018, India was born. Shortly after this auspicious occasion, the couple split up and went their separate ways.

It is not known whether Ashley is in a relationship given her secretive trait when it comes to the matter. As far as she is concerned, Ashley is single and ready to mingle.

A peek into Ashley Burgos’ Social media Activity.

Ashley Marie Burgos mostly uses Instagram as a means of staying grounded with her fans. After amassing a colossal of followers (over 200,000) on her account, Ashley deleted her account and started a new one. The reason for this remains unclear.

Currently, she has over 1,300 followers on her Facebook page and a little under 1,000 on her Instagram page. There is no doubt, however, that the Instagram star will accrue new followers within no time.

Photo of Ashley Burgos posing.

Surfing Ashley’s social media page will reveal her love for Iggy Azalea’s music. Her tastes are interestingly diverse as she is also a fan of Justin Bieber and Jennifer Hudson. She also seems to be a fan of the mythical hit series ‘Siren’.

Ashley’s goofy pictures with her daughter show how much she adores her. Her determination in making women everywhere feel comfortable in their own skin while in bed is praiseworthy.

Ashley Burgos’s Wiki-Facts.

Full name Ashley Marie Burgos
Age 25 years old
Date of Birth 9th May 1996
Place of Birth New York, USA
Profession Entrepreneur, Instagram model, fashion designer
Net worth About $1 million
Wife N/A
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Bernice Burgos
Photo of Bernice Burgos's daughter, Ashley Burgos.