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Is Ashton Sanders Gay? Net Worth, Wife, Age

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Young, talented, and an incredible actor, Ashton Sanders is a rising star of the entertainment industry. He’s been critically acclaimed for his accolades as well as sharing a screen with celebrities.

Now, what has become of Ashton’s acting career? What is his sexual orientation? What is his net worth in 2021? Click here to know better.

Who is Ashton Sanders?

Who exactly is Ashton Sanders? For one, he’s a phenomenal actor rising to the occasion. The second is that he’s an underrated great actor in the industry.

Ashton has been active in acting and entertainment ever since the year 2012. He was still an underdog, only having minor roles in short films by then.

His first debut in on-screen shows is his role as Donnie in the short film Making Possibilities. He got another role as Will in The Retrieval drama film a year later.

Image of an incredible actor, Ashton Sanders
An incredible actor, Ashton Sanders

In 2015, Ashton had a minor role in the film called Straight Out of Compton. It was not good progress for Ashton compared to his previous appearances in films.

However, Ashton’s career took ten steps ahead and made the right turn in 2016. It was when he was cast Teen Chiron in the coming-of-age film called Moonlight. His performance was well-received and positively viewed that it gave Ashton a lot of nominations and awards in different fields of acting, which we will talk about later.

Ashton’s momentum in his career did not stop that year; it kept going till 2018. He co-starred Denzel Washington as Miles Whittaker in the gritty world of military assassins of The Equalizer 2 .

Furthermore, from 2019 to 2021, Ashton had a running career, mainly in films such as Captive State, Netflix’s All Day and a Night, Native Son, and Judas & The Black Messiah.

Ashton’s latest project is a biopic of famous singer and personality Whitney Houston’s I wanna Dance With Somebody. He plays famous actor and rapper Bobby Brown.

So far, with Ashton’s career, it’s been going great for him. He’s already keeping up with his fellow celebrities, but most importantly, he’s been able to live doing what he loves to do best – which is acting and performing.

Is Ashton Sanders Gay?

Now, the question is: Is Ashton Sanders gay? The answer is no, as the actor himself did not mention being one.

The notion of Ashton being gay came from his stellar performance in Moonlight as a young and confused Chiron. Chiron was a gay boy confused and struggled to find his sexuality in life.

Ashton Sanders in Moonlight as a young and confused Chiron
Ashton Sanders

Many people believed that Ashton’s authentic sexuality was the same as Chiron’s character, but his performance was so natural that it led to those rumors.


As of December 2021, Ashton is currently single. He had no past relationships, neither except now; there may be rumors that he may be dating someone privately.

However, Ashton hasn’t disclosed information yet on his socials or to the public about his current relationship status.

Age and DOB

His parents brought up Ashton Sanders on October 24, 1995 (26 years old) in Carson, California.

Ashton attended Grand Arts Highschool in LA, and after his graduation in 2013, he moved to the Theatre School of DePaul to study a degree in fine arts.

However, Ashton left college before he could graduate to hone his acting skills immediately.

Unfortunately, we could not find any records from our sources about Ashton’s parents’ or siblings’ background: occupation, status, age, etc.

Net worth

Ashton already has an incredible career of his own. He’s already had screen-time with big celebrities as well as his awards and nominations.

As a result, Ashton’s accolades have already brought him a net worth amount between $1,000,000.00 – 5,000,000.00. As a young actor, it’s already a milestone for him to be having a networth at this range.

What more if Ashton’s career goes into a full bloom into the future.

As one of the young actors in the industry, Ashton Sanders already achieved greatness at the beginning of his career.

From his milestones and achievements to collaborating with famous personalities, Ashton will further go places in his acting career.

Ashton Sanders Networth and Gay Facts