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Athena Karkanis Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality, Kids, Husband

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Manifest is a series that’s garnered much acclaim and has gotten people’s interest due to its mind-boggling plot. But other than its plot, the series has also been well-received because of the actors who star in the flick. One of them is Athena Karkanis, who plays Grace Stone on the NBC supernatural drama Manifest. Who is this actress married to? Does she have any children?

Athena started acting at 24 as a voiceover for film and video games. Now, her name is making noises following the success of the ongoing series. Read this article to know more about Athen Karkanis’ age, parents, ethnicity, and family life.

Athena Karkanis Age, Nationality, Ethnicity

Athena Karkani was born on May 16, 1981, and is of Greek and Egyptian ancestry, but is a Canadian citizen. The actress is 40 years old as of early 2022 and resides in Toronto, Canada.


Karkanis is notoriously private and has not shared anything online or during interviews about her parents. However, we know that based on her family name, her father is definitely Greek and supposedly a businessman.

Athena Karkanis Net Worth

The actress has amassed an impressive amount of money from her acting career alone. However, Karkanis prefers to live a relatively modest life despite her wealth.

With her years in the industry, her net worth is at $1 million. Much of her net worth came from her acting career that’s over 25 years from movies, TV series, and video games.

Manifest actress, Athena Karkanis Networth
Manifest actress, Athena Karkanis

Is Athena Karkanis Married to a husband? Kids

The Manifest actress doesn’t reveal anything about her love life, just as she doesn’t her parents. But, fans may pick up a few things from Karkanis’s Instagram account.

She has also not publicly confirmed or denied anything regarding her “marriage,” contrary to various sources.

Various sources linked Athena Karkanis to fellow actor Josh Dallas. Dallas plays Ben Stone, Grace’s husband, on the hit drama Manifest. Likewise, several other sources say she and Ben Stone are married. But, both claims are proven false as Josh Dallas married Ginnifer Goodwin in 2014.

The 40-year-old actress never married nor got engaged, as per sources. However, Athena revealed a few details about her boyfriend to The Toronto Star back in 2009. She claimed that she was living with her boyfriend in Toronto at the time.

Said boyfriend was a political journalist, and they’d been living together since returning from New York five years prior. It is unknown if this is the same boyfriend who fathered her children years later.

Athena bore two children, but nothing is known about them as they’re barely teens themselves. We know that her children share the same love she has for the arts, specifically dance and theater.

Athena Karkanis with her two Children

 Quick Facts

Full Name Athena Karkanis
DOB May 16, 1981
Profession Actress
Age (2022) 40
Place of Birth Lethbridge, Alberta, CA
Relationship Status Single
Spouse/Boyfriend Unknown
Children Two
Net worth $1 million
Athena Karkanis Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Nationality, Kids, Husband