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Barbara Roufs Death: Wikipedia: What happened?

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Barbara Roufs was an American drag race trophy girl who died in January 1991. She is remembered as a knockout girl who brought excitement to the race. Let us look a little bit about her life and her cause of death.

Life before Death.

Barbara Roufs joined the drag race scene as trophy girl in the early ’70s when the competition had evolved from the golden ages of sixties. The old model of cars had been replaced with the newer version, and the old dragsters were replaced by fuelers that had driver seat behind the motor. The texts of cars got improving over the years. The swag for the race attendants also changed over time. For the ladies, hair grew long, shorts got short, and bras got burned.

With her broad straightened hair, easy-breezy freedom tanks, and old sixties gogo boots, she was a perfect candidate for the trophy girl. In the era of Professional Dragster Association by Doug Kruse on the streets of California, only ladies with height, body, and beauty like Barbara Roufs would fit that position. She brought life to the races, excitement to the fans and earned a name out of it.

Barbara Roufs Age and Family.

Barbara was born in 1944. The details about her parents and siblings are not available on the internet. However, we can assume that she was born and raised in California, where she took the job of being a trophy girl. She died when she was forty-seven years old.

Barbara Roufs Cause of Death.

Few years after leaving being a trophy girl, Barbara committed suicide in unclear circumstances. She cut short her life after living a happy life and left history for ages.

Image of Drag Race Trophy Girl Barbara committed suicide
Caption: Drag Race Trophy Girl Barbara committed suicide

Children and Grandchildren.

It was until 2016 when a famous photographer, Tom West, posted the old photos of Barbara Roufs that her daughter came out, and everyone was shocked. Jet Dougherty (her Facebook page name) shared her memories of her mother. She said she lived a happy and exciting life; unfortunately, they were short-lived.

Jet added that her mother would be proud to see being seen on the internet, something she dreamt of.  The following comment was her granddaughter, crystal Dougherty who was also so pleased to see the images of her grandmother published on the web.  She added that she is very proud and appreciates her beauty.

Wiki and other facts.

Full name Barbara Roufs
Age NA
Date of Birth 1944
Place of Birth California
Profession Drag Race Trophy Girl
Net worth N/A
Wife N/A
Kids Jet Dougherty
Nationality American
Ethnicity N/A
Zodiac Sign N/A
Parents N/A
Image of Barbara Roufs Death: Wikipedia: What happened