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Ben Napier Wikipedia, Net Worth, Family, and Bio-Facts

Ben Napier is an American TV show host who works on ‘HGTV’s Home Town. Besides television, he is also interested in philanthropic and charitable work.

Today, Napier is famous for his work and remarkable Hollywood love story. In this article, we will look into some interesting information relating to Ben Napier, his Wikipedia facts, net worth, and so on.

Who is Ben Napier? Wikipedia-Bio

Ben Napier was born on September 24, 1983, to Bennie and Wayne Napier. Growing up, he had three other siblings; Tom Napier, Sam Napier, and Jesse Napier. Due to his father’s job as a pastor, their family had to move frequently.

Talking about his education, Ben graduated with a BA in History from the University of Mississippi. After that, he started pursuing craftsmanship and woodwork skills.

His wife also had experience as a corporate graphic designer. 2012 marked the first time he and his wife renovated their dream house together. Things changed for the better two years later. The couple got popular overnight after their house was featured in a Southern wedding.

This had a positive impact on Erin’s Instagram account. Among her new followers was HGTV executive Lindsey Wiedhorn. Impressed, she reached out to Napier’s family and signed them on to host Home Town’s reality show.

As of 2022, the two have run the show for six seasons. They fix and decorate the houses in front of an audience keen on keeping up with their romantic life.

Ben Napier Net Worth and Income Sources

Presently, Ben Napier’s net worth is $5 million. His bank account can be credited with his extensive work with the HGTV network. In addition, Ben also owns ‘Scotsman General Store and woodshop’ as another source of income. Even though his annual salary is unknown, Ben receives substantial compensation from the reality show.

Who is Ben Napier Wife? His Kids

Ben and Erin met at the University of Mississippi. Interestingly, Erin had already developed a crush on Ben prior to this. He was the quintessential popular guy with the ‘macho’ look.

Erin’s wish was fulfilled in December 2004 when they finally spent time together as she had to write a feature on him for the college yearbook. And soon after, the duo started dating.

On the very first date, Ben met his future mother-in-law. Everything was moving very quickly between the couple. And things got out of control when they decided that they would get married after just one month of dating.

A year later, they walked down the aisle, more specifically, in November 2008. Today they are parents to a lovely daughter, Helen Napier, and their second child, Mae Napier.

Ben Napier with his wife, Erin Napier
Ben Napier and his wife, Erin Napier

Who is Ben Napier Brother? His Parents

Ben is the son of Wayne and Bennie Kay Napier. His father is a retired pastor by profession. Growing up, Ben’s dad would mostly preach at local churches. Furthermore, his mother, Bennie, was a seamstress, as disclosed by her daughter-in-law Erin on the show.

Ben has three other brothers, namely Sam, Tom, and Jesse Napier. In regards to their profession, Sam is a professor of Mathematics and Tom owns a Trucking business. Jesse Napier is the youngest among the brothers. He recently received a BBA degree from the University of Southern California.

Ben Napier and his father, Wayne
An American TV show host, Ben Napier, and his father, Wayne Napier

Ben Napier Age, Height and Body Measurements

Ben is 37 years old as we speak. As far as his measurements go, he stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall, which puts him way above average. Moreover, Ben weighs somewhere around 120 kilograms and flaunts a massive frame.

Image of an American TV show host, Ben Napier