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Bering Sea Gold Cast and Salary Per Episode

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If you have heard and watched ‘Deadliest Catch,’ then you might as well have watched Bering Sea Gold. The same person created both reality shows, Thom Beers. Bering Sea Gold is what the English people call Gold Miners. The show is about gold mining in Nome, Alaska. Read this to know Bering Sea Gold Cast and their salaries.

It first aired on 27th January 2012 on the Discovery channel. Deadliest Catch has not won any rewards yet, but it has picked up many viewers and fans.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Shawn Pomrenke.

Shawn Pomrenke is one of the fans’ favorite cast. He was born on 26th March 1975 in Nome, Alaska. Behind the screen, he has had several encounters with the law, especially for DUIs.

Apart from that, he has also been involved in more than one accident, and he still stands strong. Shawn has been on the TV since it first aired. As far as we know, he is still on the show.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Shawn Pomrenke

How much does he earn from the show? Prepare to gasp. In each season, Seasonages pick up about $200k. His net worth is estimated to be $3 Million.

There is nothing Shawn loves more than Gold mining. He even has his own company for mining gold. One of the reasons he has lots of fans is that he likes to engage with them from time to time on social media.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Emily Riedel.

Emily Riedel ended up in Nome when she searched for a job. That is how she got to be a cast of the show. There was a time that she used to be the only female member.

She had to work harder to prove that women, too, could be gold miners. Emily is now able to pay for her studies and can get started on her lifelong dream, opera singing. You might not know this, but Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in music.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Emily Riedel

Emily has also been on various TV shows and radios for interviews. She purchased her vessel called The Eroica after three whole seasons. She has been on the show since the season still is up to date.

Her net worth is said to be $350,000. How much she earns on the show is not precisely mentioned. However, it was noted that at the end of season 4, she was paid $180k.

 Bering Sea Gold Cast Zeke Tenhoff.

Zeke Tenhoff is Emily Riedel’s ex-boyfriend. Even though they stopped dating, they tried to work together in harmony. Zeke is known to be withholding some information about him. He was born Ezekiel Tenhoff in 1987 in Alaska. His net worth is said to be $100k.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Zeke Tenhoff

He made around $22,000 in the second and $40,000 in the fourth Season. The season has been a bumpy one. Zeke left the show and did not appear for season 10 and the next one. We are not sure if he will be back.

Zeke is said to be currently dating Sarah Dunn after he broke up with Emily. His life hasn’t been easy. He had to deal with his breakup at the same time, and he was short on cash.

Dave Young

Dave Young was born on 13th January. Like some of the cast members, he went to work in Nome in search of gold together with his brother Scott. His brother, unfortunately, passed away, leaving him to venture by himself.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Dave Young

He got a chance to feature on the reality show, which has been his primary source of income. Sometime last year, his brother, George, was brought on the show. Dave’s net worth is around $200,000.

Ken Kerr

Kerr is a man engulfed in mystery. He is a new cast member who joined the reality show in its 10th Season. Season his on-screen career, and he still used to go gold mining.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Ken Kerr

According to the media, he has an 8-year-experience in the gold mining industry. So he knows what he’s doing. Over the years, we are sure he saved up some amount from his work.

Even though gold mining can be dangerous, it brings lots of money. Ken Kerr is reported to have a net worth of $2 million with an undisclosed salary.

Steve Pomrenke Net worth

Yes, Steve Pomrenke is Shawn’s dad. It’s good that both father and son work together. However, the two do not have similar traits.

Unlike his son Shawn, the old man has a clean record and has not gotten into trouble with the law. His age and birth details are not available. The old man grew up on a farm in Minnesota. His lifelong dream was to become a gold miner. After years of saving, his career started.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Steve Pomrenke

Together with his son, they have the most successful vessel on the reality show called ‘Christine Rose.’ Steve is the wealthiest cast member on the show, with a net worth of $5 million.

In one of the episodes, his vessel managed to pull out 2000 ounces of gold. That is said to be worth around $2.8 million. Steve has been on the show from 2012 to 2018.

Vernon Adkison: Net worth and salary.

There had been rumors that Vernon had kicked the bucket. Captain Adkison is very much alive. He has not disclosed his birth details, but we know that he is in his 60’s.

Vernon left the show in its 6th season in 2016. However, they announced that he would be returning on the 11th Season. Season his career on screen, and he used to be a Merchant Marine. Mr. Adkison is worth $2 million. He had a salary of $125,000 in his first season and $140,000 in his second season.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Vernon Adkison

Kris Kelly made his debut on the reality show in its third season. In season 9, he wanted to reunite his whole family, but it didn’t work out as planned.

In the process, it almost ruined a dredging operation. Kris is the co-founder of the reaper. We will assume that it’s the name of their vessel since there isn’t much information on that. Kris has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Kris has been interested in gold mining since a young age. They decided to move to Nome, Alaska, with his dad so that they could hunt for gold.

Cody Moen Net worth and Salary.

Moen is a deckhand in the Christine Rose vessel. Apart from that, he is also a diver. He has been on the show since its first Season. He is a professional engineer. According to the media, he is 27 years old. His net worth is under review.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Cody Moen

Andy Kelly: Net worth and Salary.

Andy Kelly, together with his brother, owns the Paddy Wagon. He first joined the show in its third season. We can describe him as a short-tempered person. Andy’s net worth is $100,000.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Andy Kelly

He did not take the gold theft easily. Up to date, he is still not on good terms with his father. He even left the show but would be making a return in the 11th Season. Seasons quite a private person. He has not disclosed much detail about himself.

George Young.

Young is well known to be Dave Young’s younger brother. He was born on 29th February 1980. He got into an unfortunate accident that left him paraplegic.

Before the tragic accident, he used to be a diver and a skier. His brother Dave is showing him the ropes in gold mining, for he is still new to things.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, George Young

He was determined to do his best to be able to pay off his debts. As he is still fresh meat to the show, his net worth is around $150,000.

Brad Kelly Net worth and Salary.

Kelly has been in the gold mining industry since the ’80s. We can say that he’s a pro and that he knows what he’s doing. Brad works alongside his two sons on the show, Kris and Andy.

Together with his two sons, they joined the reality show in the 2nd Season. Brad Kelly has a net worth of $ 2.2 million with a salary of $65,000 per episode.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Brad Kelly

Brad was born on 27th March 1956. We are not sure how much his monthly income is. Brad and his family are most likely the cast members to bring drama into the show.

Viewers have witnessed a lot of issues with the Kellys. In 2015, Mr. Kelly stole gold from his sons. According to him, he did that so that he would support his newborn kid.

Yvonne Adkison.

Adkison is known to be the daughter of Vern Adkison. She was on the show for only its fourth Season. Yvonne worked as a deckhand. There isn’t much information to know about her.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Yvonne Adkison

Except, she was arrested in 2014. It was something to do with drugs. Yvonne was released after two years. We doubt that she ever came back to the show. It was rumored that she had become a hairstylist.

Elaine Adkison.

Elaine and Yvonne are the daughters of Vern Adkison. In 2012, Elaine and her father moved to Nome for gold mining. Elaine is a deckhand on the Wild Ranger.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Elaine Adkison

Her boyfriend is Shem Fogelman, and they have a child together. She left in the middle of season 4 because of an argument she had with her father. However, she was back to apologize and returned in the next Season. Elaine’s net worth is still under review.

Steve Riedel Net worth and Salary.

Steve has been on the reality show since its first Season. The reality star is Emily Riedel’s father. He is a diver on the Wild Ranger dredge. Steve is about 54 years old, and his net worth is under review.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Steve Riedel

Chase Taylor.

Taylor has been on Bering Sea Gold from 2019- 2020 for 26 episodes. Since he is a newbie, his net worth and salary are still under review. There is barely any information on him.

Bering Sea Gold Cast, Chase Taylor

Derek McLarty

Derek is a diver on the Eroica dredge and the lazy gator. He has been on the TV show from season one to last season. There is no information on him.

Chris Thornton.

Chris has also been in the gold mining industry for quite a while. He has worked alongside George Young. Unfortunately, there is barely any information on him. We don’t know his age or when he joined the show. By looking at him, we can tell that he is in his late 30’s. His net worth is still under review.

Bering Sea Gold Cast Net worth and Income.

cast Age Net worth salary Involvement year
Shawn Pomrenke 46 years old $3 Million $200,000 2012
Steve Pomrenke 70 $5 Million $500,000 2012
Emily Riedel 33 years old $350K N/A 2012
Steve Riedel 50’s Under Review N/A 2012
Zeke Tenhoff 35 years old $125k $22k to $40k 2012
Dave Young 40 years old $200k N/A 2017
Ken Kerr 62 $2 Million N/A 2020
Vernon Adkison 74 years old $1.5 Million $140,000 2012
Yvonne Adkison 30 years old $1-5 Million (approx.) N/A 2015
Elaine Adkison N/A Under Review N/A 2015
Kris Kelly N/A $200k N/A 2014
Andy Kelly 53 years old $100k N/A 2014
Brad Kelly 65 years old $2.2 Million N/A 2013
Cody Moen N/A Under Review N/A 2012
George Young 42 years old $150,000 N/A N/A
Chase Taylor N/A Under Review N/A N/A

You may have noticed that only a few cast members are A-Listers on the show. They include; Shawn Pomrenke, Steve Pomrenke, Emily Riedel, The Kelly’s, and Zeke Tenhoff. They all at least have a story to tell. They have also managed to give information on their age and net worth.

Bering Sea gold has a total of 11 seasons. Over the years, it has been gaining tons of viewers.

Facts about Bering Sea Gold cast and salary per episode