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Bernard Garrett Wikipedia, Biography, Wives, Kids, and Facts.

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Bernard Garrett was a Black American Entrepreneur back in the ’50s and ’60s. Sources say that he was probably one of the richest Black Men during his time. His story was quite interesting that a movie was even made about him recently known as The Banker.

Anthony Mackie played Bernard’s role. Bernard Garrett had dreams of becoming a banker and a landowner. However, since he was a black man, his ideas were impossible. We are going to be talking about Bernard: his career details, wives, and children. Continue reading to learn more about him.

Bernard Garrett Wikipedia.

Bernard was a businessman from California. One way to find out details about him and get a view of his life back then is to watch the movie that was made about him. He grew up in Willis, Texas. After completing his 11th grade, he began his own cleaning business.

In 1945, he moved to California with his girlfriend, Eunice. There, he continued with his cleaning business until he saved up enough money to purchase a property in Los Angeles. He bought an apartment from an Investor, Mr. Baker. Later on, they ended up becoming business partners, and they began investing in properties with Baker as the front face.

Image of Businessman, Bernard Garrett
Caption: Businessman, Bernard Garrett

After his partner passed away, he decided to go big on his plans. Bernard partnered up with a Black American named Joe Morris. They managed to buy a bank in Los Angeles and hired a white man, Matt Steiner, to be the face of the bank, Mainland Bank and Trust Company of Texas City. Before they bought the bank, they had to take a loan from their white friend, Donald Silverthorne. The only way Bernard and Morris could take a tour of the bank was by acting as chauffeurs to Matt Steiner.

Bernard’s aim was also to help other African Americans from his hometown who were having a hard time getting loans. Garrett created opportunities for his fellow brothers and sisters. Owning a bank was a great way to help the African American Community. His businesses were doing well until investigations began.

In 1965, Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris were arrested and charged with fraud. They were sentenced to three years in prison, but fortunately, they only served nine months. Bernard started other businesses later after his release, but it wasn’t as big as before.

Bernard Garrett’s wives.

Garrett had two wives: Linda (1960’s) and Kathy Ussery (1990’s). It was also rumored that he had a secret wedding with his girlfriend, Eunice. Together they had a son, Bernard Garrett Jr. in the 1960s, he married Linda, and they had six children together. They met in a bank where Linda worked, and Bernard had an account at the same bank.

Image of Bernard Garrett son Bernard Garrett Jr.
Caption: Bernard Garrett son Bernard Garrett Jr.

Linda Marie Garrett decided to give an interview. Through that, we got to learn how many children he had with Bernard Garrett. Linda and Bernard had two daughters: Cynthia (1964) and Sheila (1967). Their sons were Britton (1965), Steven (1968), Christopher (1969), and D’Antonio (1971). Linda and Bernard then divorced in 1977 after a long run.

The Banker; Movie made about Bernard Garrett.

Early this year, a movie about Bernard Garrett was released. The film was released on Apple TV on 20th March 2020. The Banker was directed and produced by George Nolfi, and the cast included Anthony Mackie, Samuel Jackson, Nicholas Hoult, Nia Long, and others.

The making of the movie brought up controversies. Bernard’s ex-wife, Linda Marie, was opposing the film. Linda claimed that the story was inaccurate and that it did not have integrity. What caused anger in Miss Linda was that Bernard Jr. was the producer of the film.

Image of Bernard Garrett ex-wife Linda Marie
Caption: Bernard Garrett ex-wife Linda Marie

Many years ago, he was accused of sexually abusing her half-sisters: Cynthia and Sheila for many years. And of course, Bernard Jr. denied his actions. To shorten things, Linda Marie was against the movie because it lacked the true story.

Wiki bio and facts.

Full name Bernard Garrett
Age Deceased
Date of Birth 19th September 1925
Place of Birth Inglewood, California, United States
Profession Entrepreneur
Net worth $1.5 million
Wife Linda Garrett (1960), Kathy Ussery (1990)
Kids 7
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Under review

Bernard Garrett was born on 19th September 1925 in Inglewood, California. After living his life watching his children grow up, he died in 1999 in a nursing home at Los Angeles. Bernard died at 74 years and left behind his seven children. He will forever be remembered in the African Community.

Image of Bernard Garrett Wikipedia, Biography, Wives, Kids, and Facts.