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Blueface Net Worth, Parents, Real Name, Wiki

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Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter, famously known as Blueface, is a professional American rapper and singer. Known for his peculiar high-pitch voice and unique style of rapping, he rose to prominence when his song Respect My Cryppin became viral on the internet.

Moreover, people absolutely loved his remix of the song Thotiana with Cardi B and YG and it became his best single to this date. Read till the end to know about Blueface and his net worth and parents. What is his real name?

Blueface’s Early Life and Parents.

Johnathan was born on the 20th of January, 1997. The 24-year-old was born to his parents in the Mid-City of central Los Angeles, California.

Blueface used to be very close to his mother, Karissa Saffold. However, their relationship ended when Blueface kicked his mother out of the house for disliking his girlfriend.

Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold
Blueface’s mother, Karissa Saffold

In the early 2000s, Johnathan’s parents separated and they had a custody battle for their kids. Blueface’s father, Johnathan M. Porter Sr., is still very close to his son to this date. Likewise, the son and father have also spent many years together.

Who Are Blueface’s Siblings?

Johnathan has a sister and an older brother in his family. His sister’s name is Kali Miller who is a fashion model. She also tries to be a female rapper and has a single of her own Disrespectful.

Lastly, Johnathan has an older brother whose name has not been disclosed. He was imprisoned for 13 years for killing a person accidentally.

Blueface's sister, Kali Miller
Blueface’s sister, Kali Miller

Blueface’s Schooling.

During his school days, Johnathan attended numerous elementary schools because he frequently had to move to different locations. He moved in with his mother in Santa Clarita Valley and lived there for some time until finally settled with his father in Oakland.

There, he attended Arleta High School in San Fernando Valley. He joined the alto saxophone playing marching band and also participated with the college’s football team. By 2014, he was seen starring as a quarterback and even led his team to victory in East Valley League championship.

In later years, he was seen playing for Fayetteville State University where he played football for a few years until leaving in 2016. It was later revealed that Johnathan dropped out of the university due to his issues with the coach.

Blueface’s Career

Although Johnathan played football in his early days, he was always interested in rap music. He used to listen to Snoop Dogg, The Game, and 50 Cent. In 2017, Johnathan entered the rap scene with the name Blueface Bleedem. He initially posted his songs in Instagram and SoundCloud and released his first song Deadlocs.

The song was proved to be a hit in SoundCloud and received over 2 million views. Likewise, he released another song with the title Thotiana that also became an instant hit and was well-received by the fans.

Among all his releases, he finally found prominence when his music video for Respect My Crypn became viral on Twitter. The people were captivated by his high-pitched and offbeat style of music. The track charted number 8 on Billboard Top 100.

In the November of 2018, he worked with Cash Money West and in a span of few months, he once again broke the internet with his new track Bleed It. He uploaded this song on Lyrical Lemonade’s YouTube channel and this attracted over 2 million views in just 24 hours.

Later, in January 2019, Blueface collaborated with Lil Pump and Scott Storch for the music Bussin.

Is he married to his Wife?

Johnathan’s married life is still ambiguous to everyone. Nonetheless, he has a son named Javaughn Porter who was born in 2017. Javaughn, also known as Little Blue, is often seen in his father’s Instagram. In an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, Johnathan mentioned that his son’s mother is a working woman who is often busy with her work.

While it is not confirmed whether the 24-year-old is married to his girlfriend, Jaidyn Alexis, nonetheless, they share a son together.

Before being in a relationship, Johnathan has confirmed that he has been in a relationship with thousands of girls.

Blueface's son and girlfriend
Blueface’s son and girlfriend

Net Worth and Income

While it is not publicly disclosed, but it is estimated that this famous American rapper has a net worth of over $4 million. As mentioned earlier Blueface has a huge fanbase. His songs have been download by hundreds of thousands of his fans. He also has done a number of concerts that pay him at least $20,000 per concert.

Blueface’s net worth is an outcome of album sales, youtube videos, concerts, and not to mentions the companies he endorses pay him a heavy check.


Full Name Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter
Father Johnathan Jamall Michael Porter Sr.
Mother Karissa Saffold
Siblings 2
Profession Rapper, Songwriter
Net Worth $4 million
Girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis
Children Javaughn Porter