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Bob Menery Wikipedia and Net Worth: His Age, Girlfriend, and Facts

Bob Menery is an American sportscaster, social media personality, and comedian. He gained popularity on social media by providing improvised commentary on sporting events. Moreover, Menery’s social media account reveals that he also hosts the podcast titled ‘fullsendpodcast.’

Bob Menery Wikipedia.

Bob Menery began his career as a golf caddie at the Wilshire Country Club in Los Angeles, California. He also dreamed of becoming an actor, but his acting career did not pan out as he expected.

Running out of things to do, Bob uploaded a video on Instagram in 2017, where he provided running commentary on a sporting event he and his friend were watching. The video went viral on Instagram and turned Menery into an overnight sensation.

He began receiving phone calls from big-wig agents and sports managers, but Bob turned them down to work independently. Known for his comedic flair and distinct voice, Menery found an audience with people looking for unfiltered and R-rated commentary paired with their favorite sporting events.

Menery became a social media sensation with millions of followers across several major platforms by sticking to that formula.

American sportscaster, Bob Menery
American sportscaster, social media personality, and comedian, Bob Menery

Recently, Bob Menery brought his brand of comedic commentary to satirize politics, pop culture, and celebrities.

Capitalizing on his success, he also got to live his dream of becoming an actor and appearing in the episode “Fight Night” during the fourth season of”Billions.”

From late-2019 to mid-2020, Bob hosted a regular podcast called the “Ripper Magoos” podcast. His most famous guests included the boxing prodigy Ryan “King Ry” Garcia, UFC president Dana White, Michael Peña, and “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort.

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Net Worth and Income Sources

According to several online sources, Bob Menery reportedly has a net worth of around $500 thousand. Most of his wealth comes from his social media activity. He made it big on social media with hilarious commentary on sports, politics, and pop culture.

Menery is a massive influencer on Instagram with nearly 3 million followers. According to sources such as, Bob makes an estimated $5,853 – $9,755 per post.

He is similarly famous on TikTok, with nearly an equal number of followers. Based on estimations by, Menery makes around $1,800 – $3,000 per post on the short-form video-sharing platform.

Furthermore, Bob also has a YouTube channel with over a hundred thousand subscribers. According to, he makes an estimated $855 – $1,425 monthly ($10,403 – $17,338 yearly) from YouTube.

Additionally, Menery is also on the social media app Cameo, where celebrities make personalized videos for their fans for a price. His asking price for a single appearance is currently $350.

Besides his social media earnings, Bob makes thousands in merchandise sales. He has several signature T-shirts, hoodies, caps, masks, etc.

How old is Bob Menery? Birthday and Height

Bob Menery was born on June 10, 1987, the middle child of three, to Patty and Mark Menery. At the time of this writing, Menery is 34 years old and stands at 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 meters).

Bob has an older sister, Heather, and a younger brother. Interestingly, he gets his showmanship skills from his father, who is a singer and entertainer.

However, Bob names his mother as his greatest inspiration. Patty was one of several mothers featured in Blake Gunther’s 2021 book, “Creatrix,” which highlights the mothers of successful people in sports, business, and pop culture.

Is Bob Menery Dating a Girlfriend?

Bob Menery is presumed to be single at the time of this writing. At one point, Bob was dating the golfer and Instagram model Katie Kearney. The two reportedly bonded over their mutual love of golf. Bob and Katie were the talk of the town in late-2010 but reportedly broke up in early 2019.

Bob Menery ex-girlfriend Katie Kearney
American sportscaster, social media personality, and comedian Bob Menery ex-girlfriend Katie Kearney

Social Media Presence

Bob Menery is one of the biggest social media success stories in the world. After gaining popularity through his Instagram videos, Menery has cultivated millions of followers on almost all major social networking platforms.

He originally found widespread fame on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, he is close to reaching 3 million followers. Furthermore, Menery is also one of the fastest-growing TikTok stars, already surpassing 3 million followers in a few short years.

Additionally, he recently passed 1 million followers on Facebook and has over 144.9k followers on Twitter. Besides that, Bob streams on Twitch to his 8.1k followers and has an official YouTube channel with over 108k subscribers.

American sportscaster, Bob Menery