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Bob Proctor Wikipedia: Age, Net Worth, Wife Linda Proctor.

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Bob Proctor is an 85 years old Canadian Author, businessman, motivational speaker, and success coach. He is the author of the famous book, ‘The Secret’ This book inspired the production of a movie that was dubbed its name, ‘The Secret’ in 2006. For more than forty years now, Bob has traveled all over the world to utilize their mind for their benefit. Bob has a way of explaining how the human brain works that no one can come close to. In this article, we are going to look at facts about him and Bob Proctor’s net worth. Wait until you meet his wife Linda Proctor.

Bob Proctor Wikipedia.

Bob is a high school dropout who had to settle for low paying jobs to keep up in his early life. At the age of 26, he got employed at Nightingale-Conant in Chicago, USA. The famous author, Earl Nightingale, was the owner of the company in partnership with Lloyd Conant.

Earl, the author of the book, ‘The strangest Secret, mentored and showed him the way of success. Bob and Bob’s hard work saw him rise to become the vice president of that company.

Bob left the company and started his own company that focuses on human personality development. In 2006, he began his private institute with Gallagher. He also got inspiration from reading Napoleon Hills’ books that sharpened his writing skills. His teaching is based on Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ and they are cutting edge.

In 2006, he appeared on the movie that was inspired by his book ‘The Secret’ and that was the start of his TV career, he has appeared on Ellen, and Larry King Life shows on several occasions.

Bob Proctor is a seasoned writer who has written several books. He wrote his first book, ‘You Were Born to Be Rich’ in 1997. This book created a platform for him and opened his eyes to the vast opportunities ahead.

In 2008 he launched his second book ‘Contact Capital.’ This book teaches people how to transform their contact persons into customers. In 2015, he began his book ‘The ABC of success’ that demonstrates the roadmap to success. He also wrote another book, ‘The Mindset of a Millionaire.’

Despite writing many books that have transformed many lives worldwide, Bob has not received any famous award. What we know for sure is that he has touched and won many souls globally. And that is a great achievement.

Age and early life.

Bob was born on 5th July 1934 in Ontario, Canada. The details of his parents and early life are unknown. He spent his early life in the beautiful town of Ontario before moving to the USA to pursue the American Dream. He is looking forward to celebrating his 86th birthday in July this year. His zodiac star is cancer.

Bob Proctor Net Worth: $25 Million.

His first job in Chicago turned his life completely and made him a millionaire before he left. His books will continue to sell, and with various programs he is running, his net worth is set to rise.

Image of Author, Bob Proctor net worth
Caption: Author, Bob Proctor net worth

Bob has an accumulation of wealth that is estimated to be worth $25 million.

Bob Proctor is Married to wife Linda.

Bob is married to one wife, Linda.

Image of Bob Proctor with his wife Linda
Caption: Bob Proctor with his wife Linda

And together, they have three children, Raymond, Coleen, and Brian, who is also an author. He often mentions his wife’s name in his speeches.

Image of Bob Proctor with his kids
Caption: Bob Proctor with his kids

Linda Proctor.

Bob married to one wife, Linda. The fine details about their marriage are not available on the internet. However, Linda has also earned her share of fame. She ran a successful business for 25 years before downing the business tools and followed her husband’s footsteps.

She has written the book ‘Earn it and Enjoy it.’ Bob Proctor’s wife Linda believes that a little change of behavior can create amazing results in one’s life. She is in a journey to sharing her success and providing others with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

Social Media.

Bob has 219K Twitter followers, 924K on Instagram, and 1.1 million like his Facebook fan page. He also has a YouTube channel with 866 subscribers.

Wiki and other facts.

Full name Bob Proctor
Age 85 years old.
Date of Birth 5th July 1934
Place of Birth Ontario, Canada
Profession Author, Speaker
Net worth $ 25Milion
Wife Linda
Kids 3; Raymond, Coleen, Brian.
Nationality Candian
Ethnicity N/A
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents N/A
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