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Brecken Merrill Wikipedia: Parents, Age, Biography

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The entertainment industry has produced countless huge names over the years. From young generations to fiery adults, talent appears to be overflowing in the acting industry.

And therefore, today, we’ll be about to meet a rising child star who identifies as Brecken Merrill. Let us all discover in this article about Brecken Merrill’s parents, career info, age, in his Wikipedia-type biography. 

Real Name Brecken Merrill
Profession Actor
Date of Birth June 20, 2008
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Place of origin United States
Parents No information
Siblings Karis and Seren Merrill

Brecken Merrill Wikipedia

Brecken Merrill is under the Paloma Model and Talent Agency. He started his career as a model and has dedicated an extensive part of his life modeling. Before he rose to fame as an actor, he modeled one of the film Lego characters, Emmet, for their Disguise Costumes. Along with several other Halloween personas. 

Brecken is just new to the world of acting and first appeared in the TV 2018 drama series Yellowstone as Tate Dutton. His first-ever performance pinpointed the major break of his career, considering countless viewers adored seeing the young boy on the television. 

Brecken Merrill portrays the character of Tate Dutton on Yellowstone
Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton on Yellowstone

The actor is the youngest member of the show as Brecken was just ten years old when cast in the Yellowstone series. On his social media account, he admitted that his co-stars were very caring as they film in extreme circumstances. From the character he portrayed in the drama, Brecken was able to capture the people’s hearts. 

After his successful role, he is now filming his first official movie, We All Got Up to Dance. The film follows the life of a rebel child, Emmett LeClair, portrayed by Brecken. 

Due to his expanding career and reputation, fans perceive that the young actor will be assuming more major roles someday.


When talking about Brecken’s parents, there’s not much information about them. However, if you take a glimpse at the actor’s Instagram account, you’ll notice some photos of him with his dad. And according to Brecken, his social media account is being managed by his mom. 

Luckily for him, his parents fully support his chosen path and continue to guide him every step of the way. 

Similarly, his two sisters are engaged in show business. His older sibling, a model, and actress, Karis, is also under the Paloma Model and Talent Agency. Their younger sister, Seren, is also pursuing the world of acting.

Brecken Merrill smiling with his two sister
Brecken Merrill, along with his two sisters, Karis and Seren

Age and Birthday

Brecken Merril is currently 13 years of age. He belongs to Generation Z as he was born on June 20, 2008, in the US. The actor also carries the astronomical sign, Gemini. And, despite his juvenility, he demonstrates tremendous professionalism on and off the screen.

Brecken Merril already knew what he wanted to be at an early age. And indeed, the child star has the potential to be successful someday.

Facts about Brecken Merrill Wikipedia, Parents, Age, Biography