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Brian Barczyk Net Worth, Wife, Wikipedia Biography

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Brian Barczyk is a famous American YouTube personality. His blog on Youtube has earned him millions of followers. In addition, Barcxyk is also known for his appearances on Venom Hunters, AnimalBytesTV, and SnakeBytesTV. The content of his vlogs is mainly about his adventures and misadventures as a reptile breeder. He breeds blue-tongued skinks, snakes, geckos, and other reptiles.

Take a tour of Brian and his net worth, wife in his Wikipedia-type biography.

Brian Barczyk Wikipedia Biography

Brian Barczyk began to get fascinated with snakes and reptiles when he visited the zoo as a child. There he saw a python, and it immediately caught his fascination. He wanted a pet snake, but his mother adamantly refused to have any reptiles inside their home.

However, Brian and his friends would venture into the woods to capture snakes and turn them into his pets. He would hide them from his mom and later release them back into the woods when Fall came. Finally, when the young snake collector was 15 years old, his mother allowed him to have a pet snake. At 17 years old, he purchased a very expensive pair of albino burms.

In college, Brian majored in Biology, and he dreamt of working at the zoo as a biologist. Eventually, he decided to venture into a career as a snake breeder since it was very lucrative. The reptile fanatic opened his first shop in 1989. The name of the shop is BHB Reptile and is still in business up to this day. In 2016 he started Venom Hunters and became famous for his vlogs. He creates his content and scripts.

Wife and Kids

Brian Barczyk is married to a woman named Lori. They met while they were both students at the university. The college sweethearts got married in 1992 after several years of dating. At that time, Brian was only 23 years old. Soon after, their daughter Jade was born.

Both his wife and daughter do not share his passion for reptiles. On the other hand, Brian, who is fond of snakes and other reptiles, is ironically afraid of spiders.

Brian Barczyk and his wife, Lori
Famous Youtuber, Brian Barczyk and his wife, Lori

Net Worth and Income Sources

Brian Barczyk has a net worth of $2.5 million. This income comes primarily from his work as a YouTube personality. He has accumulated a total of more than 700 million views. His famous channel gets an average daily view of 600,000. It gives him an average daily revenue of $4,800 and annual revenue of $1.7 million. Brian earns each time his video is viewed as well as from the ads on his YouTube channel. Highly viewed channels get a higher rate for advertisements. Monetized views could earn him an income of 40 to 80 percent of the total number of views.

In addition, famous YouTubers also earn an additional income from sponsors. Companies approach them to have their products promoted by the online personality for a fee. A famous personality like Brian may also receive speaking engagements. He could earn from talking about his favorite topic, which is reptiles. Schools, zoos, conventions, and other venues would invite a reptile expert such as him.

Brian Barczyk and his Networth and Biography