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Brigette Lundy Gender, Age, Sexuality, Wiki Facts

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Brigette Lundy is an American actress and a non-binary personality. They are a child of Robert Paine and Laura Lundy, born in 1994. Both Robert and Laura are the devoted Christians. In addition, they have contributed extensively to the TV and film industry, and that’s where Brigette got their influence.

Brigette is famous for their role in the 2017 hit series Atypical. Furthermore, they have voiced for many social causes and strongly supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

This blog discusses Brigette Lundy Paine’s gender, age, sexuality, and other wiki facts.

Brigette Lundy Sexuality & Gender

Brigette is a non-binary. From an early age, Brigette felt as if they were not a girl. What’s surprising is usually when people aren’t feeling like their designated gender; they feel like the opposite one. However, in Brigette’s case, they did not feel like either. And that’s where the term or gender ‘non-binary’ kicks in.

The term Binary represents two genders of the Homo sapiens, i.e., male and female. Now, the non-binary folks don’t fall in either category. You might think that they are transgender as they do not accept the gender they are assigned to. However, many non-binary people do not want themselves to be characterized as transgender either.

Some non-binary people like to consider themselves genderless, and some think they have two or more genders. Furthermore, some believe that they have an inexplicable gender. Brigette does not know what they are except for the fact that they are non-binary. They felt somewhat male, somewhat female, and a little bit of both. As a result, they took up the pronoun they/them instead of him/her.  To date, they participated in many gender activities. Moreover, they also supported the Black Lives Matter movement.


Brigette was born in 1994, and they observe their birthday on the 10th of August every year. The non-binary TV actor turns 27 in August 2021.

Height and Measurement

Brigette has a stunning body and a powerful personality. Maybe that is why many series have featured them to date. According to our reports, they have a curvy 33-23-34 body. Furthermore, they are 5’8” tall and weigh about 61 kilograms. However, these are just approximations as the physical parameters keep changing. We’ll update the blog upon receiving additional information in the coming days.

Dating and Partner

Brigette discovered in 2019 that they were non-binary. However, the actor was in a relationship before the realization. They got into a relationship with the celeb Joshua Hoover in 2017. It was a perfectly normal relationship, and by that, we mean involving no gender complications. The actor Joshua Hoover tweeted about the relationship back in 2017. Furthermore, we also have information that they exchanged engagement rings.

In an interview in 2020, the non-binary personality mentioned that they have a partner. However, they do not specify a name.

Brigette Lundy with his Ex-boyfriend, Joshnu Hoover
An American actress and a non-binary personality, Brigette Lundy with their Ex-boyfriend, Joshua Hoover.

Early Life

Brigette Lundy was born in Texas. But their family shifted to California when Brigette was just two years old. Brigette attended Encinal High school. They loved cheerleading and acting in the high school’s club. Furthermore, Brigette graduated from High school in 2012 and completed their University studies in 2015. For that matter, Brigette attended the NewYork University.

Parents and Family

Brigette is the non-binary child of Robert Paine and Laura Lundy. Their parents raised them in California as their beloved daughter. Robert and Laura have been in the acting industry for a long time now. The couple has led a successful career in acting and directing shows.

When Brigette starred for the hit comedy series Atypical, they showed some hints of being non-binary. The show pointed out time and again that it is okay to be queer. Furthermore, it also featured some queer couples. Brigette explained to their mom that they are non-binary, taking reference to the show. It was only after the disclosure to their mom that they made the revelation public.

Furthermore, they also welcomed and supported other non-binary members through their posts. To date, they have been involved in many social activities and speak out their opinion loud and clear in front of their million followers.

Movies & TV Shows

The most notable screen for Brigette has to be the Atypical series. It aired in 2017, where they played the role of ‘Casey Gardner.’ The viewers have also commended the series on the grounds that it represented the voices of the Trans genders. Maybe that’s where the actor found their realization of them being non-binary. Furthermore, Brigette started their acting career in early 2015. They were already familiar with the industry as both of their parents were actors and directors.  One Bad Choice is their first screen performance.

Moreover, Brigette featured in some popular titles like The Downsizing, and Glass Castle. In an interview amidst the COVID pandemic (2020), they showed their excitement for the new project to drop. The series Bill and Ted aired in 2020 and is Brigette’s latest work.

In addition to the TV and movies industry, they are also a member of a band. Brigette is the co-founder of ‘Subtle Pride.’ They are also one of the founders of the art series ‘Waif magazine.’

Image of an American actress and a non-binary personality, Brigette Lundy