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Caroline from Outer Banks, Net Worth, Relationship Status, Movies & TV shows.

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Caroline Arapoglou is an actress who has a unique and discerning quality. Not to mention, her fans adore and love her sweet yet mysterious aura. Aside from her treatment of her fans, Caroline has been able to do pretty exciting work in her acting career. Caroline is widely popular as Rose Cameron in the Netflix series Outer Banks.

Now, let’s look at further what Caroline has done throughout her time in the industry. Also, know her net worth, relationship status, and her career.

Caroline as Rose Cameron in Outer Banks.

Caroline has appeared in several television shows and films, but her best-portrayed role is as Rose Cameron in Netflix’s show, Outer Banks.

Interestingly enough, they almost have the same lifestyle and personalities. Her character Rose is a successful trophy wife. Rose may have a warm facade, but she is a combination of ruthless and fiesty. Rose Cameron has a place in wealthy status and loves the idea of being inside the circle.

Caroline as Rose Cameron in Outer Banks
Outer Banks star, Caroline Arapoglou

Although she may seem passive-aggressive, her most heart-warming quality is that she wants the best for her step-children. She ensures that they are safe and able to live their lives as they want them.

Is Caroline in a Relationship? Is she married to her husband?

We all want to take a peek at a celebrity’s love life. And for Outer Banks fans out there, here’s a sneak peek for you.

Caroline has already been married to her husband Nick Arapoglou for six years. They wedded each other in 2015, after their engagement in 2014. And today, they both work together on some of their films.

Caroline Arapoglou with her husband, Nick Arapoglou
Caroline Arapoglou with her husband, Nick Arapoglou

Unfortunately, we don’t have the information about their wedding details and how the two met. But, we can assume that Caroline and her husband started dating with good intentions as it turned into a healthy and robust relationship up to this day.

Caroline’s Net Worth Amount.

A minor celebrity in the industry, Caroline’s appearances and successful portrayals of her characters make her a rising star. Caroline has already made progressive success in her career, evident of her net worth.

Are you wondering how much Caroline is worth right now? According to our sources, Caroline has an approximate net worth of $1,200,000.00.

Height & Weight

If you’re curious about Caroline’s measurements, here are your answers:

Age: 30 years old

Height: 5″7

Weight: 55 kg

Actress of outerbanks, Caroline Arapoglou
Caroline Arapoglou

Caroline’s Background and Career

Not much is known about Caroline’s background. Our sources couldn’t identify details like her parents’ and siblings’ names.

This lack of information may hint that Caroline is not yet found by the media, rather, a secretive person. Regardless of the situation, we found bits of information about her background and career growth over the years.

Caroline was born in Williamsville, Illinois, on January 15, 1991. As of 2021, the American actress is 30 years old. Unfortunately, as for Caroline’s education, there are no records from any of our sources about her primary and secondary education. But, we do know that she studied and finished her dance classes at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta.

Initially, Caroline was into ballet. She liked being a ballerina because, according to her, it creatively delivered a story to people. Eventually, her interest in ballet turned in another direction. She got interested in the art of acting, making her an actress instead of a ballerina.

Movies and TV Shows

Outer Banks actor’s first gig in the entertainment industry was in 2016, where she first landed a small role in an episode of Atlanta. It was not the greatest of roles to start, but it got her on the list of producers. The same year, Caroline appeared in a TV episode of Good Behavior, where she played a female bartender.

Eventually, Caroline’s acting career progressed. She followed her job with a role in the TV series Sleepy Hollow as Cara in 2017. Later in 2018, she was recruited for television shows such as The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Love Takes Flight and many more!

In 2020, Caroline got her most prominent role in her career-acting as Rose Cameron in Netflix’s Outer Banks.

Outer Banks tells a story of a group of friends seeking to find the treasure buried by one of their friend’s fathers.

Apart from her television appearances, Caroline also got to taste a few films in her career. She appeared in Hot Summer Nights, Entry Point, and Sad Poets.

Caroline might be an underrated celebrity for now, but her talent and ability in acting have taken her far from where she started during her childhood. She established herself as someone heartwarming to her fans while also being professional. These qualities helped her become the best of what she is.

Caroline from Netflix's Show Outer Banks