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Casper Van Dien Wife Jennifer Wenger, Ex-Spouses. Net Worth & Kids

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Casper Van Dien is a renowned American actor and producer. He has appeared in numerous TV series, daytime soap operas, TV films, movies, and video games. People mainly know him for his lead role as Tarzan from the 1998 adventure action movie Tarzan and the Lost City.

As much as Van Dien has gained recognition for his numerous acting works, he is also famous for his multiple marriages. The actor is currently married to his wife, Jennifer Wenger. Many fans on the internet have inquired about his personal life and details about all his ex-spouses. Thus, below we bring you facts about all his marriages to date.

Casper Van Dien Bio

In Pensacola, Florida, USA, Van Dien was born to his father, Casper Robert Van Die Sr., and mother Diane Morrow on 18 December 1968. His mother worked as a teacher at a nursery school. On the other hand, his father was a U.S. military person. He was a fighter pilot and served as a U.S. Navy Commander.

For formal education, Van Dien attended the St. Petersburg campus in Florida and graduated high school. Later, he graduated from Florida State University. He then moved to Los Angeles in search of opportunities in the acting industry. His debut was with a minor role in the 1990 TV film Menu for Murder. The part followed similar other roles in TV series like Saved By the Bell (1991), Dangerous Women (1991), Freshman Dorm (1992), etc.

Van Dien’s first breakout role was as Tyler Moody in the ABC TV series One Life to Live (1993-1994). He then landed numerous TV and film roles over the years. His most recent works are in Alita: Battle Angel (2019 film), Madness in the Method (2019 film), Batman: Dying is Easy (2021 superhero fan film), The CW series All American (2018-Present), etc.

Casper Van Dien is now married to his wife, Jennifer Wegner.

Van Dien married his current wife, Jennifer Wegner, on 9 June 2018. The pair have not revealed many details of their love life. However, Casper and his wife Jennifer have dated a long time before exchanging vows in 2018. They performed the ceremony at Honeysuckle Hills Farm in Tennessee.

Casper Van and his Current Wife, Jennifer Wegner
Casper Van and his Current Wife, Jennifer Wegner

Casper’s wife, Jennifer Wenger, was born to her Greek parents, Karen and Fred Wegner, in Tennessee on 8 December 1983. She is a TV actress, scriptwriter, and producer. She has notable appearances in Jimmy Kimmel Live (2006-2007), True Blood (2009), Super Horror Beat Down (2018), Casting the Net (2020), Don’t Ask Where I Live (2021 short film), etc.

Jennifer’s marriage with Casper Van Dien was her first. She has not become a mother of her child yet. However, for Van Dien, it was his third marriage. He was previously married two times and had a total of four children, two each from his first two marriages.

He was first married to Carrie Mitchum (1993-1997)

Van Dien married his first wife, Carrie Mitchum, in 1993. Again, there is no information available about their first introduction and dating life. The couple was only married for around four years as they legally separated in 1997.

Casper’s first wife, Carrie Mitchum, is an actress born on 15 June 1965 in California, USA. She is the granddaughter of the famous late American actor Robert Mitchum. She is best known for her TV appearances in Dead Silence (1991), Married… With Children (1994), The Bold and the Beautiful (1987-2001), etc. Currently, Mitchum works with actor Steven Brittingham on his podcast series, Hollywood and Beyond (2021).

His second spouse (1999-2015), Catherine Oxenberg

Following the separation from his first wife, Carrie Mitchum, Casper Van Dien married his second wife, Catherine Oxenberg, in 1999. The couple had met in 1999 while filming for The Collectors (1999 TV Movie). The same year, they again starred together in The Omega Code (1999 thriller film). The pair soon bonded and exchanged vows on 8 May 1999. The couple stayed married for around 16 years before finally parting ways in 2015. Reportedly, Van Dien was the one to file for legal separation this time.

Casper Van with his ex-Wife, Catherine Oxenberg
Casper Van with his ex-wife, Catherine Oxenberg

Catherine Oxenberg was born in New York on 22 September 1961. She took birth to her mother, Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia, and father, Howard Oxenberg as their eldest child. Although born in New York City, Catherine later grew up in London and received her secondary level education at Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle. Later, she graduated high school from St. Paul’s School. In addition, she also studied at Harvard University.

Catherine Oxenberg is a renowned American television actress and also holds several credits for films. Her notable films include the likes of Sanctimony (2000 film), Sleeping Beauty (2014 film), Watch Over Me (2006-2007 TV series), Sharktopus Vs. Whalewolf (2015 TV movie), etc.


Casper Van Dien is currently the father to his four children, Maya, Cappy, Celeste, and Grace Van Dien. He had his son Cappy and daughter Grace from his first marriage with Carrie Mitchum. Later, from his second marriage with Catherine Oxenberg, he became the father of his two daughters, Maya and Celeste Van Dien.

Casper Van Dien with his kids
Casper Van Dien and his kids

Net worth

Casper Van Dien has an acting career spanning more than 30 years. He has starred in numerous hit movies and TV series in this duration. Thus, with the help of his successful career, he has accumulated massive wealth. As of 2021, Van Dien’s total net worth is estimated at $7 million.

Casper Van Dien Wife Jennifer Wenger, Ex-Spouses