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Is Cavetown Transgender? His age, Real Name.

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Robin Skinner is an American content creator, musician, and social media personality.  The artist is known for tracks like Lemon Boy, which, have over 12 million views. Most of his recent hits feature songs such as I miss my mom, Trying, and Sweet-tooth. Besides music, the talented musician has a knack for creating funny videos.

The British native is also quite popular on Instagram, boasting a fan following of more than half a million. In addition to this, he is a documented animal lover who keeps a few cats back at home. Find out more about Cavetown’s age, life, and real name. Is he transgender?

Cavetown’s Real Name, Wiki.

Cavetown was formally born as Robin Daniel Skinner. His father, Davis, is well known to most people in England.  The young YouTuber’s father is a musicologist.

Apart from that, at Sidney Sussex College, he is the Director of music.  There is no information about his mother. Sources speculate that she is a flutist and music teacher.

It makes sense and shows us where the talented artist gets his amazing voice from. The YouTuber comes from a music-oriented family background. His grandmother was even a country singer in the ’50s.

Image of Cavetown with his dad Davis
Caption: Cavetown with his dad Davis

When he was eight years old, his dad taught him how to play guitar. By the time he was older, the British artist had become proficient with the instrument. It gave him the courage to make a YouTube account in 2012.

The following year, he built up even more courage, and uploaded his first cover, Can’t help falling in love with you by Elvis Presley.

The young man’s voice is breathtaking. His first video had over a million views, and we can say that it motivated him to post more covers. The songs he covered were from artists who inspire him like Twenty-one pilots. In 2017, Cavetown won the best Acoustic Act award.

Image of Singer, Cavetown
Caption: Singer, Cavetown

Net Worth.

In 2018, Cavetown released ‘This Is Home,’ an original song that had over 2.4 million views.  After his success in his first original songs, he continued writing and singing songs for himself.

Right now, he has a total of 3 singles and six albums. Sources say that Cavetown’s net worth is estimated to be $407,000.

He is doing quite well at his age, with love and support from his fans, the artist will surely go a long way.  However, he has not disclosed how much he earns or makes. Though it is said that YouTubers who have over a million followers earn about $57,200 per year.

Cavetown Transgender or gay?

There have been rumors that the musician is transgender. The truth is that it is not actually known. Many people seem to think that because he once posted a picture holding a transgender flag. Another thing that got people thinking that was because most of his songs have a melodic theme.

Cavetown age, birth date.

Robin Skinner was born on 15th December 1998 and is currently 21 years of age. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. It portrays his optimistic character very well.

Wiki info.

Full name Robin Daniel Skinner
Age 21 years old
Date of Birth 15th December 1998
Place of Birth Oxford, London
Profession Singer/songwriter/YouTuber/Producer
Net worth $407,000
Nationality British
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents David Skinner (father)

The 21-year-old artist has various social media accounts where he showcases his talents at concerts in England where he performs.  His Instagram is @lemon.socks, where he has 564k followers.

His twitter is @CAVETOWN and has 214.3k followers. As you can see, the talented Youtuber has several fans who are in love with his voice, and for some, the lyrics speak to them.

Image of Is Cavetown transgender. Her age, real name.