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Charles Esten Net Worth, Wife Patty Hanson and Kids

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Charles Esten is a lucky man: an actor, comedian, musician, and above all else- a family man. His life could never be more successful and ecstatic.

Now, let’s take a step back and recall Charles’ relationship, career, and the road to his successful stardom. Also, let’s have a look at his current wife, Patty Hanson, and their kids.

Charles Esten and his wife, Patty Hanson’s Love Story

 There wouldn’t be a successful career for Charles Esten if not for his manager and #1 fan, Patty Henson.

Charles and Patty go way back in their time. You can say that their relationship can be considered as one of the strongest and healthiest relationships with celebrities. Their love story looks like it was taken from a movie scene.

‘We were already soulmates, God just helped us find each other,’

Patty Hanson mentioned. Charles’s wife had a rough upcoming in school, coming from Italy and arriving at a rejection notice from Duke. But that was fate’s choice.

At college, the couple didn’t have any feelings towards one another as Patty was already seeing someone back then while Charles was busy going around in town with his music band, N’est Pas.

Charles Esten and his wife, Patty Hanson
Charles Esten and his wife, Patty Hanson

But later on in their sophomore year, Patty Hanson watched his band live, and Charles’ song ‘Romeo & Juliet’ was the song that reached Patty’s heart and soul.

The idea of being soulmates is something that we are already familiar with. You already know someone is your soulmate when you see them. In the case of Patty & Charles, it was fate and God’s plan.

Charles Esten and Patty Hanson have been married since 1991

Charles and Patty’s love story is something we look forward to for ourselves. It seemed like it was taken out of a movie, and they made it into reality.

As mentioned, Charles and Patty met in college during their sophomore year. Patty heard one of Charles’s songs when she knew they would be together.

Ever since that moment, Charles and his partner have been happily together and stood firm. After going after each other for four years, Charles and Patty decided to marry on November 2, 1991.

Their wedding was full of love and sweetness as they officially tied the knot together with their friends and families at All Saints Episcopal Church in Florida.

It’s a beautiful love story and a one-of-a-kind experience to have that kind of relationship.

Charles Esten wife, Patty Hansen Bio

There isn’t much to talk about Patty Hansen, as her details are primarily private. Nevertheless, she has some information regarding her background and career.

Patty came from a family of military men and women. They went to the states from Italy to start a new life. Soon after, Patty tried her best to apply to universities, especially Duke, but unfortunately, she was not accepted.

But later did we know that rejection was the start of something new; Patty Puskar met Charles Esten on the same campus as William & Mary. Their eyes met, which was the beginning of their beautiful and healthy relationship.

Their Children

Patty and Charles have three beautiful kids: Chase, Taylor, & Addie Puskar.

Taylor, the eldest kid, has followed her father’s footsteps, becoming a singer, and has already found her partner for life.

Charles Esten with his wife and children
Charles Esten with his wife and children

Chase is currently ‘chasing’ his dreams of being an astronomer, presently a research assistant at the Colorado Center, and completing his master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. On the other hand, Addie is on her way to becoming a sports athlete.

Patty & Charles are proud of what has become of their children; becoming their own best versions.

Charles Esten Net Worth

Charles Esten’s career has been successful throughout his lifetime. Having three careers as a musician, actor, and comedian, Charles has made a name for himself in his respective industries.

Now, are you wondering how rich Charles is? He currently has a net worth of $5,000,000.00, all coming from his stunts as a musician, actor, and comedian.

Movies and TV Shows 

Charles started his debut on-screen in 1988 with a television game show called Sale of the Century. Since then, Charles began to work in numerous game shows such as On The Television, Scrabble, and his most known show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

Later on, Charles’s career in television would be on most game shows as his singing talent and comedic nature fit well in the shows.

Moreover, he influenced movies and had minor roles in Kevin Costner films like The Postman, Thirteen Days, and Swing Vote.

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