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Chase Morrill’s Wife Sarah and Children. Net Worth, Wiki.

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Chase Morrill is a television personality and DIY restoration and construction expert who operates in Maine. He is one of the senior figures over at the Kennebec Cabin Company.

As its name suggests,  Chase’s company exists to tack on a variety of restoration projects. On one occasion, they even renovated a 200-year old boat.

Other than that, Chase and Co have also had to deal with houses that have remained untouched for decades. Read about Chase Morrill’s wife, Sarah, and their children. Explore a few facts about his net worth.

Who is Chase Morrill?

Chase is a popular reality star and the leader of the Maine cabin masters. Since the series’ debut back in 2016, Chase has been part of all seven seasons.

In the process, he has featured in over 90 episodes. Chase and his team handled one of the earliest projects was an uninhabitable rustic cabin located along Belgrade Lake. It took 6 weeks and $40,000 to renovate the property.

Last year, Chase and his team were also tasked with restoring a 19th Century Cabin to its former glory. In his free time, Chase also dedicates a good chunk of his time to the podcast, ‘From the Woodshed.’ Chase uses this platform to provide a unique insight into the world of restoration.

Moreover, Morrill is also moderately active on Instagram. On this platform alone, he has about 7,400 followers and counting. The last post he made was to promote the new season of the Main Cabin Masters.

Age, D.O.B, Early Life.

Chase Morrill was born on Christmas day, on the 25th of December 1977, in Augusta, Maine.  This means that he is set to turn 44-years old at the end of the year.

Chase is the son of Peggy and Eric Morrill. Additionally, he had one other sibling, Ashley. Both Chase and Ashley were very close to their father, Eric.

In fact, they’d learn everything they need to know about construction from their old man. Chase had often talked about how his father influenced his disregard for wastefulness, pushing him towards the idea of restoration, particularly when it came to furniture.

Unfortunately, Chase and Ashley lost their father back in 2014 as a result of cancer. The two of them continue to honor him through their work.

Net Worth.

Chase Morrill’s primary source of income comes from his affiliation with the Kennebec Cabin Company.

This firm not only handles renovation but has also ventured into the real estate of late Chase, and his team partner with firms like Lake-point Real Estate to market some beautiful and rustic properties.

This helps both parties generate a decent amount of revenue. Additionally, Chase also makes money through the sale of the Maine Cabin Masters Merch.

During its first season, Chase’s reality show reportedly attracted a viewership of around 3.5 million. It is a figure that has been on the rise ever since.

Consequently, Chase and his team peddle items like a Pint Glass, which costs $10, and a black hoodie valued at $40. As of 2021, Chase Morrill’s net worth is $600,000.

Chase Morrill’s Wife Sarah Morrill and Children

Chase is married to a woman named Sarah, who hails from North Andover in Massachusetts. Sources say that the two first met while they were both students at the University of Atlantic.

Sarah is presently employed at the Maine Primary Care Association, where she is one of the registered nurses on call.

Chase Morrill and his wife walked down the aisle sometime later. Moreover, the pair have two daughters together, Nori and Maggie Morrill.

Image of cast member of Maine Cabin Master, Chase Morrill and his family
The renowned cast member of Maine Cabin Master, Chase Morrill with his wife, Sarah and daughter

Chase and his wife Sarah love to take their daughters out on numerous adventures. A few years ago, for instance, he took the girls to see the glacial cirque along Tuckerman Ravine.

Wiki-bio and facts.

Full name Chase Morrill
Age 43 years old.
Date of Birth December 25th 1977
Place of Birth Augusta, Maine, USA
Profession Businessman, Reality star, DIY expert
Net worth $600,000
Partner Sarah Morrill
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents Eric and Peggy Morrill
Image of cast member of Maine Cabin Master, Chase Morrill