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Chris Pérez’s Daughter Cassie Perez and Daughter Noah Perez.

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Christopher Pérez or Chris Pérez is a professional guitarist and songwriter famous for being the lead guitarist for the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos. Most importantly, fans remember him for marrying the band’s lead vocalist Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. Whatsmore, he was making the headlines ever since the death of his wife. Read this to know about his daughter Cassie Perez and daughter Noah Perez.

It wasn’t until Venessa Villanueva came into his life that Chris finally got back on track. Before meeting her, Chris was drowning with drug abuse and alcohol due to the pain of losing his beloved woman.

Nonetheless, Chris got enormous happiness in his life after marrying his second wife, Venessa Villaneuva. Especially when they gave birth to their children, Chris had a reason to improve his lifestyle.

Chris Pérez’s Daughter from Venessa Villaneuva.

Venessa Villaneuva is a Mexican-American actress famous for her role in Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns.

Chris and Venessa met each other around 1996. They started dating in 1998. Finally, Venessa and Chris tied the knot in 2001. However, their short-lived marriage ended in 2008.

During their married life, Chris and Venessa gave birth to two children. They are Cassie Perez and Noah Perez.

Chris Pérez’s Daughter, Cassie Perez Age, and Wiki

Cassie Perez is the first child of Chris and Venessa. The couple conceived their daughter before even tying the knot. Cassie’s date of birth is on December 23, 1998. As of 2021, she is 22 years old. Cassie was born in San Antonio but grew up in Corpus Christi as her family moved there due to their work. Currently, Cassie lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Cassie is an American woman who inherits a Mexican ethnicity from her mother and father. Also, Cassie has a small height and stands tall at 5 feet 4 inches. Her parents divorced when she was just ten years old. However, even after the divorce, both the parents took care of her as they shared joint custody.

Image of renowned guitarist, Chris Perez and his daughter
A renowned guitarist, Chris Perez, and his daughter Cassie

Cassie is very close to both her parents. She uploads tons of pictures of her and her parents, though separately. For Chris, his daughter is the source of motivation and hope.

Education and Career.

Cassie completed her schooling in Texas. After completing her education, she joined Del Mar College in Corpus Christi.

Cassie has no interest in pursuing her father’s career in music. Instead, this 22-year-old has strong aspirations to become an entrepreneur in the health and beauty sector. Her mother is also one of the beautiful actresses in the film industry. Hence, Cassie’s mother is her role model.

At the moment, she is working as Medical Aesthetician at Massage Envy. One day, Cassie plans to run her spa. Apart from that, she is also a budding entrepreneur. She runs her own small business and projects. One of the projects Cassie is involved in is Ethereal Beauty.

Cassie Perez Boyfriend

Cassie is quick to find a lover for herself. Currently, she is dating a youngster named Mark Munoz. Mark is also of the same generation as Cassie. Like Cassie, he also descends from a mixed background.

Mark and Cassie began dating in 2017, and they are still going strong in their relationship. In 2019, they adopted a puppy as well. They named it Saint.

Cassie does not hide her boyfriend from her parents. Furthermore, both Cassie’s and Mark’s parents are supportive of their relationship. Also, Cassie posts a ton of pictures of her and Mark on social media.

Chris Pérez’s Daughter, Noah Pérez.

Cassie has a brother named Noah. He is also the second and youngest child in the Perez family, born on April 5, 2005. Hence, he is 16 years old at the moment. Just like his elder sister, Noah grew up in Corpus Christi.

Unfortunately, Noah was born with Down Syndrome. Noah is also close with both his father and mother. He is interested in music and takes piano classes also. The youngest child of Chris and Venessa is 5 feet tall.

Currently, he is studying in school. Since Noah is interested in music, he might follow in his father’s footsteps in the future. But at the moment, Noah Perez is too young to take the decision.

Image of Mexican guitarist, Chris Perez with his son Noah
A professional guitarist and songwriter, Chris Perez with his son Noah
Image of renowned guitarist, Chris Perez