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Christine Quinn Husband Richard Christian Net Worth, Job, Love Life

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Christine Quinn has always been a popular figure. The actress elevated her fame further after a brilliant performance in Selling Sunset. The Netflix title is reputed on the platform and began in 2019. Apart from this, she has stood in the frontline of many shows like Ballers and NCIS.

In 2019, Christine commenced a beautiful chapter in her life. She married her husband Richard Christian, who is a renowned entrepreneur.

In this article, we touch on Richard Christian’s life, his net worth, his job, and the relationship details. Let’s dive in.

Christine Quinn is married to husband Richard Christian since 2019

The duo met in early 2019. It didn’t take long to know and fall for each other. In fact, Christine and her husband, Richard were already married by the end of the year. Their first meeting setup was a date between Quinn’s friend and Richard. However, with a stroke of fate, the duo picked up some mutual interests and developed a liking for each other.

The actress always fantasized about a dream home in Hollywood Hills. And quite pleasantly, her spouse, Richard bought it for her. The duo married in December 2019.

In this post from Christine’s Instagram, we can see the couple cuddling with their baby. The actress/model also shared her wedding pictures on the platform.

Christine Quinn share the photos of her husband, Richard and baby on instagram

Christine Quinn husband Richard Christian’s Net Worth

Richard Christian has accumulated quite a sum from his startups. As of 2022, the husband of Christine has a net worth of $20 million. As an excellent entrepreneur, it wasn’t hard for him to gather this sum. He specializes in the tech industry. In 2017, Richard sold his food startup to his rival for a massive sum.

In regards to his education, he is an MIT graduate. He is fluent in all the software platforms. And thus, he built his career out of the same. In 2017, Grubhub bought his company for an unrevealed price.

Christine Quinn's husband, Richard Christian net worth
Richard Christian has a net worth of $20 million


On the 15th of May, 2021, the actress became a parent. Richard and his wife welcomed their first son and proudly announced it on their media platforms. Christine likes to call her son ‘Baby C.’ Thus, many newspapers and media refer to the baby with the same name.

Apart from an Instagram picture, the couple does not talk about the baby so much. The baby boy is one year old as of 2022. Hopefully, he will get media exposure soon enough, and we can write more details about the child of Christine and Richard.

Richard Christian Wiki

Full Name Richard Christian
Profession Entrepreneur
Age 45 years
Relationship Married
Spouse Christine Quinn
Kids One (son)
Net Worth $20 million
Christine Quinn husband Richard Christian net worth