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Cierra Wight: Wiki Bio and Facts about Big Show’s Daughter.

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Cierra Wight is the daughter of a famous WWE wrestler and actor, the Big Show. She is the first born of three kids born to Paul Donald Wight the second (The Big Show) and Melissa Ann Piavis, his first wife.

She grew up alongside her two sisters, Selina and Mandy Wight. They all grew up in the spotlight as celebrity children and have continued to remain in the public eye, thanks to the Netflix show centered around their father that premiered on 6th April 2020.

Like many celebrity kids, Cierra seems to follow in her father’s footsteps by training to become a wrestler. Here’s everything we have on Cierra Wight, including her full wiki-bio.

Cierra Wight Wiki-Bio, Birthdate, and Early life.

Cierra Wight was born in Florida in 1998. Her parents brought her up before their divorce in 2002. Her father got custody of her when she turned 14. From birth, she was cast into the public eye because of her father’s fame.

However, neither the divorce nor fame affected her personality or behavior as she has rarely made it into news articles or headlines.

Currently, Big Show’s daughter is 21 years old, set to turn 22 in November of 2020. Cierra is a graduate bachelor’s at the University of West Florida. Very little is known about her relationships and personal being because she likes to keep her life secret.

Photo of Big Show's Cierra Wight and her family.
Cierra Wight(right) with her family.

Interesting Facts on Big Shows’ Daughter Cierra Wight.

Cierra loves to keep fit and is currently training to be a wrestler, just like her father. She goes to the gym five days each week and maintains a healthy diet. She is also working on a modeling and TV career.

Because she has taken a few classes at the University of West Florida, it is assumed that she may take a different career path altogether. By the looks of it, she is keeping her choices open.

Even though the Netflix show centers on her family, she has not yet appeared on the show. Cierra is played by an actress younger than her. This is because the show is based on the tantrums of the daughters’ younger selves.

However, it is said that she will make an appearance as the show progresses. So far, her career revolves around social advertising and occasional public appearances.

Relationships and Intimate Life.

Big Show’s daughter maintains a private life and is one of the twenty-year-old who has not gotten used to social media. Therefore, her pictures are difficult to find online. The few that are available are from her younger days. However, she enjoys traveling to new places, mostly tropical destinations with beaches.

As for dating, it seems that the grad student is not seeing anyone. Based on her busy schedule. Cierra is focusing on her education and building a sustainable career.

Cierra Wight Net Worth.

Even though her net worth is not accurately determined, estimates have been made from her income and property.

Currently, the upcoming superstar owns a house in Florida given to her by her father, whose net worth is around 20 million dollars.

Her allowances from social advertising and appearances have earned Cierra Wight’s net worth up to 1 million dollars.

With more deals, partnerships, and exposure, she ought to have increased her net worth in the upcoming years.

Image of Cierra Wight and her father, Big Show together.
Cierra Wight is enjoying with her family.
Photo of Big Show's daughter, Cierra Wight.