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Cindy Costner: Age, Net Worth, Who is She Married to Now

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Cindy Costner is the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Kevin Costner. She became famous after she married the actor. Cindy has kept a low life and has tried her best to stay away from media after her divorce. She hosts charity events and herself does charity work too.

The actor is also a social activist who fights for the well-being of women and children.

Here we discuss Cindy Costner’s age and net worth. Has she remarried after her divorce? Without further ado, let’s get started.

Who is Cindy Costner?

Cynthia Cindy Silva, mostly known as Cindy Costner, is an actress and internet personality. She is also a social activist and businesswoman. Cindy was the first wife of Kevin Costner before he got fame in Hollywood.

Although she participated in school plays while she was young and did some theatre work, too, she thinks of acting as a hobby. She did her first work as an actress in 1988 in the movie Liteweight. She received a lot of love and appreciation from critics and the audience.

The actor has also done some other minor roles in movies but didn’t pursue it as a career.

Cindy Costner as Kevin Costner’s Ex-wife

After Cindy completed high school, she pursued biological science at California State University. There she met Kevin in 1975, and their love affair started. Cindy worked part-time as Cinderella in Disneyland while Kevin was starting his career in acting.

After dating for three years, Cindy and her former husband, Kevin, got married on February 11, 1978. They have three kids together- Annie Costner (1984), Lily Costner (1986), and Joe Costner (1988). Kevin always had mentioned Cindy as the better person in their relationship. She was sweet, smarter, and beautiful.

Cindy Costner and his ex-husband, Kevin Costner
Cindy Costner and her ex-husband, Kevin Costner

In the late 1980s, her ex-partner, Kevin, was getting successful in his acting career. He then mentioned that the marriage was getting difficult for him. Cindy felt the same when she and Kevin were working together in the Oscar-winning movie Dance with the wolves in 1990.

The Dances with Wolves actress was shocked by Kevin’s irregular behavior in the movie set. Kevin was also blamed for being unfaithful towards his marriage. Later in December 1994, after 16 years of marriage, they got divorced and moved on with their lives.

Who is Cindy Costner married to now?

After 16 years of marriage and getting divorced, Cindy didn’t want to stay in the limelight. She cut off her cords with the media and lived a low life. She has a private Instagram account with 296 followers. There is no information about Cindy’s dating history and getting remarried to date. She has stayed single since her divorce.


Cindy was born in 1956 in California, USA. She celebrates her birthday on October 29. Cindy is now 66 years old (2022). She is an American citizen having Portuguese descent.

Net worth

Cindy is a businesswoman. Her income is from her restaurants. She owns a restaurant in Pasadena named Twin Palms. After her divorce, she opened a second branch of the restaurant in Newport beach. Her net worth also comprises the alimony $50 million she got during her divorce.

She has a net worth of $80 million (2022).

Cindy Costner with her ex-husband, Kevin Costner and Children
Cindy Costner with her ex-husband, Kevin Costner, and daughters

Wiki Facts

Full name Cynthia Cindy Silva
Popular as Cindy Costner
Date of birth  Oct 29, 1956
Place of birth California, USA
Ethnicity Portuguese
Nationality American
Husband Kevin Costner (1978-1994)
Children Annie Costner (1984)

Lily Costner (1986)

Joe Costner (1988)

Relationship status Single
Height 5’7”
Weight 56-59 kgs
Net Worth $80m
Instagram followers 296
Cindy Costner Marriage, Age, Net worth