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Daijah Wright: Tomica Wright and Eazy-E Daughter is Dating a Boyfriend?

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Daijah Wright is a professional music artist. She is the daughter of the late Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eazy-E. Thanks to her famous parents, she was recognized as a celebrity kid from an early age.

Furthermore, the demise of her father, late rapper Eazy-E, just six months before her birth made the public curious and concerned about the musician. While most of the information about the Wright family is publicly accessible, her personal life is still an unknown matter. This is the time when you will get to know about Eazy’s daughter from close.

The late rapper had tied the knot with Tomica Wright in 1995, and the marriage had lasted only for twelve days. Read this article to know if Daijah’s mother, Tomica, is dating any boyfriend.

In this article, we will convey whether Easy-E’s little girl is seeing someone around or not. Furthermore, you will find the biography and age of Daija Wright.

Daijah Wright Wiki

Daijah was raised through a tough childhood along with her elder brother Dominic. As the family had to grieve the loss of their father, it was pretty hard for the kids to grow up. However, single mother Tomica Wright looked after the brother and sister, and they grew up to follow their father’s legacy.

Shedding light on their professional career, Daijah and her brother Dominick have chosen the music and entertainment industry to foster and earn some fortunes. She is a professional music artist (rapper), and she is a songwriter too.

Contrarily, her brother Dominick is famous as an actor, and he has performed in several movies. So far, the female rapper has released a single named ‘Apeshift’ and will produce many songs in the future.

Daijah Wright with her parentgs in childhood days
Daijah Wright childhood memories with her parents, Tomica and Eazy-E

Eazy-E’s daughter followed her family’s path to the music industry. Her father was the pioneer to introduce Gangsta Rap and West Coast Rap to Hollywood. Eazy-E also led a hip-hop group named N.W.A and a record label called Ruthless, which was owned by her mother Tomica after his demise.

As per the earnings, her father Eazy-E possessed an estimated worth of $50 million before he passed away. Also, some reliable sources have claimed that Tomica and his sister combined have a net worth of around $20 million which they earned themselves and also got as a split after Eazy-E’s death.

Is Daijah dating a Boyfriend?

For now, the rapper has not spilled any names when asked about her boyfriend. As there are no rumors about Daijah’s boyfriend, we also agree that she may not be dating someone as of now. Instead of getting involved with a boyfriend, Wright owns an Australian Shepherd dog which she has named Kovu. At present, she seems to be concentrating on her career rather than spending time on affairs.

Growing up without proper fatherly love, Daijah always felt needy for a close male friend. Although she has proper bonds with her brother Dominick, she has not got the right partner to share her feelings. If there is a love partner and she is keeping it private, our star kid may be enjoying her secret love life.

Daijah Wright's brother, Dominick
Daijah Wright’s brother, Dominick

However, her parents lived an exceptional love life. Daijah’s parents, Eazy-E and Tomica, first crashed into each other back in 1991 where they fell in love immediately. Although Eazy-E had six children from five different women at the moment, it didn’t cause any problems between Wright’s parents.

The couple enjoyed the love life for four years, and in due course, Dominick was born. Later, while the rapper was still in Tomica’s womb, they got married on March 14, 1995. For the family misfortune, Eazy-E died 12 days later of marriage.

How old is Daijah Wright?

She is the second child from her father, Eric Lynn Wright, and mother Tomica Woods Wright, while Dominick Wright is the first one. Further, she is the youngest among 11 total children of Eazy-E with six different women. There are multiple conspiracies about the exact date of birth of Daijah Wright. However, most of the authentic sources have claimed that she was born six months after her father’s demise in 1995.

A professional music artist, Daijah Wright
A professional music artist, Daijah Wright

Considering her birth year to be 1995, Daijah is 26 years old now. Her birthplace is Compton, California. The rapper is unfortunate for not getting a chance to see her father because he passed away on March 26, 1995, while she was still not born. Her father, Eazy-E, was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, and he was just 30 years old at the time of his death.

Quick Wiki 

Full Name Daijah Wright
Age 25 years
Date of Birth Late 1995
Father Eric Lynn Wright (Eazy-E)
Mother Tomica Wood Wright
Brother Dominick Wright
Net Worth (Father’s) $50 million
Net Worth (Mother and Daijah combined) $20 million
Tomica Wright and Eazy-E Daughter, Daijah Wright