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Daniel Cormier Net Worth.

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Daniel Ryan Cormier is a retired professional fighter from Lafayette, Louisiana, USA. He has three siblings; Felicia, Joseph, and Feral. Daniel and his siblings lost their father on Thanksgiving Day in 1986.

Daniel Cormier Net Worth: $6 Million.

Daniel’s passion for fighting manifested at a young age. At Northside High, he racked up an impressive 3 Louisiana state wrestling championships.

By the time Daniel was graduating, he had accrued 101 wins and only 9 losses.

Other than wrestling, Cormier also excelled in the high school all-state football. He was a linebacker with a personal best time of 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

Daniel later enrolled at the Colby Community College in Kansas, where he lost no time pursuing a wrestling career.

His record read 61 wins against 0 losses. Cormier, additionally, was the junior college national champion two years in a row.

The feral desire to succeed in this field did not falter when he was transferred to Division/Oklahoma State University. Here, he won a total of 53 matches against 10 losses.

Furthermore, Cormier managed to become an all-American, a position typically secured by the first eight wrestlers to finish the event in their respective weight classes.

Image of a retired professional fighter, Daniel Cormier

Daniel graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in sociology. He abandoned this career path, choosing to capitalize on what he loved.

Cormier’s devotion to wrestling blatantly showed itself when he joined ‘Freestyle Wrestling.’

For five consecutive years (2003-2008), Daniel was the worldwide champion at the sport representing the U.S. each of those years. He carved a successful career path in wrestling, gaining a galactic reputation wherever he competed.

In 2018, Gilroy High School opted to give their wrestling team arguably the best coach globally, Daniel. The school is bound to produce exceptional fighters with Cormier on the wheel.

After competing in the 2008 Olympics, Daniel shifted career paths to engage in mixed martial arts.

2009 saw him making his professional debut, and after this fight, Cormier went to Australia for the Xtreme MMA event. Here, he fought Lucas Browne and won.

On July 21st, 2010, Daniel became an XMMA Heavyweight Champion. Just two weeks after this victory, Daniel acquired his second MMA title by defeating Tony Johnson and becoming the KOTC Heavyweight Champion.

Image of a retired professional fighter and wrestler, Daniel Cormier