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Daniel Sunjata Net Worth, Ethnicity. Wife and Kids

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Some of the most incredible people in history have the worst beginnings or the saddest backstories. But, we all have a choice to either let that bring us down or motivate us to be better.

You know Daniel Sunjata as Franco Rivera from the hit TV series Rescue Me and as Danny from the NBC hit show Manifest. More on his net worth, ethnicity, and family life only in this article. Also, find out if he has a wife and children.

Daniel Sunjata Net Worth

Daniel’s career is flourishing, and he’s been in the spotlight for over two decades now. His role in Rescue Me as Franco Rivera shot him into fame at 33 years old.

However, the actor got his start on Broadway before starring in film & TV.

The actor is now 50 years old but still stars in various films and television series today, such as Manifest, where he plays Danny. Daniel’s acting career is why he has a $2 million net worth, and it only keeps growing.

Famous actor of Manifest, Daniel Sunjata Networth
The famous actor of Manifest, Daniel Sunjata has a $2 million net worth


The Grey’s Anatomy and Manifest actor is of German, Irish, & African American descent. And in an interview he did for The New York Times, he mentioned it had helped him with his career. Hollywood has a history of racial prejudice and stereotyping.

And this made roles for mixed-race celebrities sparse. Daniel wasn’t the typical Caucasian man, so roles were hard to come by. However, his mixed race also benefitted him as he introduced a new definition of what a leading man should be.

Daniel also grew up in a mostly-white neighborhood, so he went through an identity crisis as a youth. Furthermore, his birth parents were a teenage runaway and an African-American man.

Daniel Sunjata’s Wife & kids

Daniel’s love life to this day remains a mystery for his fans and everyone else. He mentioned he had a girlfriend when he was still a Broadway star in 2005. At the time, the starlet had just got an apartment in Harlem with his unidentified then-girlfriend.

He also dated Rosalba Sierra in 2015, as per sources. The tabloids went crazy over their appearances, but Daniel never confirmed or denied anything, either in social media or during interviews.

Daniel Sunjata with his rumored ex-girlfriend, Rosalba Sierra
Daniel Sunjata with his rumored ex-girlfriend, Rosalba Sierra

Shockingly, Daniel leaked a sex tape on Instagram that caused people to doubt his sexuality. The video featured him in a compromising situation with another man. But, fans didn’t get the chance to review the sex tape and determine who the man Daniel was with.

Daniel is not dating anyone, nor does he have any kids. Additionally, the man was never married to a wife or engaged, and it is unclear if he is homosexual.

Quick Facts

Full Name Daniel Sunjata
DOB December 30, 1971
Profession Actor
Age (2022) 50
Place of Birth Evanston, IL, USA
Relationship Status Single
Spouse/Boyfriend None
Children None
Net worth $2 million
Daniel Sunjata Net Worth, Ethnicity. Wife and Kids