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Darby Rudd: Here’s How Paul Rudd’s Daughter Looks like now

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Darby Rudd is a celeb child, born to some fantastic and successful parents in the Entertainment Industry. She is the child of Hollywood star Paul Rudd, famously known as the actor who played Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Her mother is a creative screenwriter with many notable works like Fun Mom Dinner. Thus, we can imagine that she is pretty popular even though she is not a teenager yet.

She can always be seen accompanying her dad in various events in Hollywood, and fans can’t seem to get enough of seeing her cute face.

This article sheds light on the Wiki-Biography and other details of the daughter of Paul Rudd, Darby Rudd.


Image of Darby Rudd with her father, Paul Rudd
Darby Rudd with her father, Paul Rudd

Darby is the youngest child of the couple. She was born in 2010 to Paul and Julie Rudd.

An American by default nationality, however, she does share some roots with the Jews as Paul’s parents came from a Jewish background. The young girl is 12 years old as of 2022 and does not have much screen time apart from joining her father in many of his events.

Paul loves his baby daughter dearly; in fact, when he starred as Ant-Man, he was pretty uncomfortable with having another on-screen daughter beside her daughter. The actor was worried if it would bother his real child.

Therefore, whenever the duo would watch the film together, Paul would always tell Darby that she is the real Cassie in the movie. It worked very well in the actor’s favor, and Darby loved every second of the film.

As mentioned earlier, she can always be seen with her father at many of his events. However, many fans know that this role was first taken by her brother Jack who is four years older than his sister and was born in 2006.

The celeb child is adorable and will be a teenager next year. Regarding her education, the Hollywood couple has revealed their daughter’s school, something that makes sense when you are a famous celebrity.

In addition to that, Darby’s name translates to ‘free from envy.’ It is inspired by the Irish North Germanic language.

Here’s How Paul Rudd’s Daughter Looks Like Now

Image of Darby Rudd
Darby Rudd is the youngest child of Paul Rudd

Little Rudd has the accent of her father on her face. She is cute and very well-behaved.

In this post, Paul’s fan page shared a picture of his daughter. The image is one year old, however, if you want to know what she looks like today, you can follow Paul’s fan-made Instagram as they post stories of the family often.

Quick Wiki

Full Name Darby Rudd
Age 12 years (as of 2022)
Birth year 2010
Famous as Daughter of Paul Rudd
Mother Julie Yaeger
Brother Jack Rudd
Social Media N/A


Image of Darby Rudd with her father, Paul Rudd, and their family