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Dave and Jenny Marrs Incredible Love Life and 5 Beautiful Children

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Dave and Jenny Marrs are the famous reality show star, parents of five beautiful children, and a power couple. The duo runs a reality show, “Fixer to Fabulous,” where Dave builds, whereas Jenny does the design. Furthermore, the stars are known for fixing, renovating, and designing houses. The pair have almost finished renovating more than 300 Arkansas houses.

The American couple is very passionate about their profession. But nowadays, it seems the couple is enjoying parenting their five beautiful children. Moreover, the famous couples are involved in matters related to orphan care and community transformation.

In this article, we talk about couples who are very famous for their family. We dive deep to enclose their incredible love life and children.

Dave and Jenny Marrs Marriage and Love Life

The famous duo came to introduce each other while working in the same organization. In 2002, when Dave was seeking a job, he was approached by Newell Brands Rubbermaid. Jenny was already working at the same organization. However, she was in a different department concern.

Later on, due to Dave’s work policy, the couple had to deal with a long-distance relationship. Despite the long-distance relationship, their love couldn’t get disrupted.

As couples were going fine, Dave left the company and went to Arkansas in 2004. The star went to Arkansas to start working as a builder. The star then blossomed in what he chose to do.

Later on, Jenny joined him, and HGTV approached them to forecast their profession in TV. The pair describes this to be unbelievable and surprising.

 Famous reality show star, Dave and Jenny Marrs wedding
Dave and Jenny Marrs wedding day

In 2005, the father of sweet children proposed to Jenny at the Eiffel tower. They got married in Florida’s Wedding Mission Inn, which is located in jenny’s hometown. The power couple has been celebrating their anniversary on April 2, and they have spent 17 years living as husband and wife.

Dave and Jenny Marrs Struggle with Infertility

Because of unwanted pregnancies, we see many abortion cases. This is definitely hard to listen to those who are struggling to get pregnant. The same situation had to be faced by the couple. The couple thought of adopting a child due to infertility, as posted on Arkansas online.

Hopefully, as they were in the verse of adopting the child, the star women got pregnant with twins Nathan and Ben. The couple describes this to be a miracle.

Their Children

The couples are really interested in parenting their five children. The pair constantly posts their children’s photos on social media. The five kid’s parents seem largely excited to raise their children under 12. The HGTV duo is very proud to be the parents of Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Luke. The duo said they had made perfect room for their children to accommodate.

Jenny Marrs shared Family photo on instagram

Talking about their children, Nathan and Ben are the first twins who are 12 years old.

Then there is Sylvie, whom the duo adopted from the Republic of Congo. Then the next is Charlotte and. Luke is the smallest one who turned three as of Sept 2022.

Adopting a child is a big deal for the couple who hosts the show. The pair’s 2nd child, Sylvie, was adopted from the Republic of Congo. They had to wait at least 600 days to bring their daughter home.

Although the couple had completed all the legal process, the restriction from the government of DCR delayed the child to bring home. This delay and drama blew up their fans since it was too emotional.

Jenny Marrs smiling with her daughter, Sylvie
Jenny Marrs smiling with her daughter, Sylvie


Full Name David Marrs and Jenny Marrs
Famous as HGTV hosts, builder, and designer
Children Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte, and Luke
Adopted child Sylvia
Couple’s nationality America
Religion Christianity
Jenny’s Instagram followers 225k
Net Worth $4M to 6M
Dave’s Instagram followers 108k
Dave and Jenny Marrs Incredible Love Life and Children