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Debbie Higgins: Who Was Dr. Phil McGraw’s First Wife?

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Dr. Phil McGraw is a famous personality on American television. He is known for his show, Dr. Phil. Aside from being a TV host, he is also a doctor in clinical psychology and a celebrated author. He has been married to Robin McGraw for more than four decades. Robin is also a television personality like Dr. Phil.

In addition, she is also a renowned author and philanthropist. But unknown to many, Dr. Phil was previously married. His first wife is a woman named Debbie Higgins.

Who Is Dr. Phil McGraw’s First Wife Debbie Higgins McGraw?

Debbie Higgins is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada. She was born in 1950 to a farmer and a housewife. The young Debbie loved playing various sports such as volleyball and football. She also loved to sing and dance. In high school, Debbie was a cheerleader at the New York High School. Later on, she enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Commerce, where she finished her degree in fashion technology.

Debbie Higgins worked as a movie editor, and her big break was the movie Demon Hunters: Fear The Silence in 2013. The movie featured Rob Dimension, Mary Bonvzek, and Brian Gilda. The hit movie opened many opportunities for her as a film editor. Before her big break, she worked on Christy Mathewson Day alongside Edward G. Boehm and Tony Borgia.

Debbie Higgins and his ex-husband Dr. Phil McGraw
Debbie Higgins and his ex-husband, Dr. Phil McGraw

Dr. Phil McGraw and Debbie Higgins Marriage And Divorce

Dr. Phil met Debbie Higgins when they were only 20 years old. Both of them were from Kansas City.

After a short courtship and love affair, they decided to tie the knot. They got married in 1970 at a church wedding held at the Roeland Park Southridge Presbyterian Church. The couple had a very loving relationship during their courtship stage. Sadly, that changed after they got married.

Dr. Phil was allegedly very particular about the looks of his wife. He wanted her to lift weights and do exercise to maintain her physique. The pressure on Debbie to look good put a strain on their marriage. There have also been rumors that Dr. Phil has extramarital affairs during their marriage. Debbie claimed that he was very domineering during their marriage. He wanted to control almost all aspects of her life. After only three years, Dr. Phil and Debbie filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in 1973.

Dead Or Alive?

Debbie Higgins passed away in 2014. According to her brother, the cause of her death was cancer. Her brother did not reveal the particular type of cancer that took her life. There is no information if Debbie Higgins remarried after her divorce from Dr. Phil McGraw.

Dr. Phil McGraw’s First Wife, Debbie Higgins