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Dee Snider Net worth, Age, Height. Meet his Wife, Suzette Snider

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The name Dee Snider rings a bell in not only the heads of rock fanatics but also anyone keen on the music scene. He puts meaning to the phrase legends never die as his hit songs still dominate the rock airwaves since the ’80s. Moreover, the singer is so dedicated to his craft that he adopted a typical Goth image complete with black eye make-up, long hair, tattoos, and red lipstick. Find out more about Dee Snider’s net worth, age, height, and his wife Suzette Snider here.

Who is Dee Snider?

Dee Snider is a typical multitalented American musician. Aside from blessing us with hit rock songs, Snider is also a songwriter, actor, radio presenter, film producer, voice actor, spokesperson, and a father. He started off singing in school competitions and the church choir when he was still in school.

He later joined the band ‘Twisted Sister’ in 1976 and went on to become their songwriter. They released four bestselling albums, and during the fifth, Snider announced his departure from the band. In 1985 he made history again by being on the front lines to fight against censorship, hence the birth of the term Parental Advisory.

Image of American singer, Dee Snider
Caption: American singer, Dee Snider

The rockstar went on to try his hand in the film with Strange Land 1 & 2 and also as the host of a show on MTV. His heart was, however, still in rock music, so he formed several bands; Desperado, Widowmaker, and finally, Dee Sniders’s SMF’S. In between, he had four beautiful babies who have now given him grandchildren

Dee Snider Net Worth.

The entertainment industry pays well, and Dee Snider is a prime example. Though he had some somewhat successful side careers, the majority of his earning stem from his rock albums.

When he joined Twisted Sisters, their first album ‘under the blade’ brought him $500,000, and the second one ‘You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll’, which went platinum grossed him about $2000000. His third with Twisted Sisters (stay hungry) put them on the map, and for that, he took home $3000000.

Image of Songwriter-Dee Snider net worth
Caption: Songwriter-Dee Snider net worth

The rest of his fortune stems from his appearances and roles in various programs and also his radio presenter job. The singer is undeniably multitalented as he also had a short career in film production. That too has contributed to Dee Snider’s net worth at whopping $10 million

Dee Snider is married to wife Suzette Snider.

When he joined ‘Twisted Sisters,’ he was not only offsetting his rock journey but also his personal life when he met his current wife, Suzette. She was the costume designer for the band. The two got married in October 1981 and have since bore four children; Shane Royal (born 1988), Cody Blue (1989), Jesse Blaze (1982), and Cheyenne Jean (1996).

Image of Dee Snider with his wife Suzette Snider along with their kids
Caption: Dee Snider with his wife Suzette Snider along with their kids

Suzette Snider Wikipedia Biography.

Full name Suzette Snider
Age 59
Date of Birth April 1961,16th
Place of Birth Long Island New York
Profession Costume designer, make-up artist, reality tv star
Net worth $1 million
Husband Dee Snider
Kids 4
Height n/a
Weight 68 kilos
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Suzette Snider is mostly known as the wife of Dee Snider, but she is also a costume designer, make-up guru, and a reality television star. She was born in April 1961 on the 16th and had one sibling Vincent Gargiulo, but sadly he was murdered. They were both raised in Long Island, New York, with their parents as Catholics though she converted.

As of now, Dee Snider’s wife is 59 years and recently celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary. Suzette Snider has a current net worth of $1 million, which she earned from her role on TV and costume designing.

How tall is Dee Snider?

The legendary rock artist is now 1.85m tall and weighs about 73 kilos. At 6 feet, he is a sight for the ladies.

Image of Singer, Dee Snider height is 6 feet
Caption: Singer, Dee Snider height is 6 feet

Dee Snider’s Age.

Dee Snider was born on 15/3/1955 in Astoria, New York, but was raised in Baldwin, long island. As of 2020, he is aged 65 and still of American nationality. His mother, Marguerite, is a retired teacher and his father Bob, a retired state trooper and county clerk. His whole family belonged to the Episcopalians religion after converting from catholic.

Social media activities.

Dee Snider is very active on his social media. He uses his accounts to fight for the rights of rock artists and bring awareness to issues facing them. His Facebook account also features lots of his family photos and promotion material for his upcoming gigs or past shows.

On his twitter, he always tries to show support to upcoming rock artists. We also get to see his funny side as he posts jokes about his everyday life experiences. Lastly, the singer was formerly on Instagram, but it seems like he disabled his account.

Image of Dee Snider Net worth, Age, Height. Meet his Wife, Suzette Snider