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Deidre Hall Spouse, Net Worth, Age

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Deidre Hall is a stunning actress who has acted for four and a half decades. Hall is a natural when it comes to character portrayals and is still active up to this day. It may be hard to believe that Hall faced many challenges behind the scenes with her success.

In this write-up, you will get a deeper look into Deidre Hall’s life experiences behind the camera. Her net worth and age are mentioned below.

Deidre Hall Spouse

Deidre Hall caught the hearts of many people for her undeniably gorgeous looks. Interestingly, she also caught the attention of four bachelors during her time.

In total, Hall had four weddings in her life. However, none of her relationships lasted for a lifetime.

William Hudson (1966 – 1970)

Deidre Hall married William Hudson in 1966. However, the two filed for divorce and officially separated in 1970.

Hudson and Hall didn’t give any comments on their divorce.

Keith Barbour (1972-1977)

After Deidre divorced Hudson, she married again, and this time to Keith Barbour. The couple married each other in 1972 but separated on August 24 the year 1977.

Her spouse, Barbour was married to a woman named Marie E. Stuckman. Stuckman and Barbour then separated on July 9, 1982.

Keith Barbour is a singer, songwriter, and actor at the same time. He starred in the movie McCloud in 1970, The Fall Guy in 1981, and Chameleons in 1989.

There isn’t any more information about the singer’s personal life.

Michael J. Dubelko (1987 – 1989) 

Deidre met Michael Dubelko and got a third chance at love. Dubelko is a film producer who has produced a total of six movies during his overall career.

Deidre Hall and his Ex-husband, Michael Dubelko
Deidre Hall and her ex-husband, Michael Dubelko

However, just like Deidre’s past two marriages, this one did not work out as well. Hall and Barbour separated in 1989. Their marriage only went on for about two years.

Steve Sohmer (1991 – 2006)

Hudson stayed single for two years until she met Steve Sohmer and married in 1991.

Steve is an author of nonfiction and fiction stories. He is also a Shakespearean Scholar, television writer, and producer. Furthermore, Sohmer was also an executive for motion picture and network television.

Hudson and Sohmer then decided to have children. However, due to Deidre’s health and reproduction problems, she could not conceive any.

The couple then decided to try surrogacy. Hudson and Sohmer hired a woman named Robin B. Robin B. is a divorced surrogate mother. Impressively enough, reports say that Robin looked so much like Deidre Hall.

Moreover, Hall expressed that she was screaming and jumping up and down upon hearing the good news in an interview. Robin B. called Hall, saying that the second artificial insemination was successful.

After 20 years of hoping and longing for a child, Deidre finally becomes a mom of two healthy baby boys.

In 1992, Deidre and Steve welcomed their first son, David Atticus Sohmer (29), and in 1995, they welcomed their second baby Tully Chapin Sohmer (26).

Moreover, Deidre Hall’s journey to motherhood was adapted into a TV movie, Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story aired in 1995. John Patterson directed the TV film. Meanwhile, the writers are Nancey Silvers and Deidre’s then-husband, Steve Sohmer. Deidre Hall also starred in the TV movie as herself. And, Daniel Hugh Kelly portrayed Steve.

Deidre expressed in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that the most challenging scene in the film was the reenactment of David’s birth. Hudson explained how a friend of hers was dying in the same hospital during that day.

Furthermore, Hall’s story had a happy ending. According to her spouse, Steve Sohmer, the movie wasn’t about infertility; rather, it was a romantic comedy.

Deidre Hall and her ex-husband, Steve Sohmer
Deidre Hall and her ex-husband, Steve Sohmer

Having been blessed with children and a husband, some would think that Hall’s 4th marriage would last forever. However, the couple decided to break up and get divorced in 2006.

Hall and Sohmer didn’t give any comments on their divorce. Some fans speculated that the relationship turned sour after over 15 years of being together.

Steve Sohmer had a wife before he married Deidre Hall. However, there aren’t enough details about his first wife’s identity.

According to reports, Hall’s spouse has a daughter from his previous marriage. His daughter’s name is Ilisa Sohmer.

Before pursuing acting, Deidre Hall entered the modeling scene. She also appeared in commercials when she was in her younger year.

Net Worth

Hall has a net worth estimate of $11.6 million with her combined career.

Deidre Hall with her son
Deidre Hall and her son


Deidre Hall is currently 74 years of age. She was born on October 31, in the year 1947, and her birthplace is Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Hall was born to parents John and Jean Hall.

John Hall was a former worker at the Lake Worth Post Office. Meanwhile, Jean Hall worked as an executive secretary for an insurance company.

Deidre is a veteran actress who proves that she is one of the best artists in the industry. Despite her failed marriages, Deidre continues to be a great mother to her sons. Fans and spectators alike can’t wait to see Hall on-screen again.

Deidre Hall Spouse, Net Worth, Age