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Dennis Rodman Kids: Son DJ Rodman and Daughters Trinity & Alexis Rodman.

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Dennis Rodman is an American professional basketballer. He was the best defender, most experienced rebounders, and outrageous within the history of basketball. He was born on 13th May 1961 in U.S. Read this to know all Dennis Roadman Kids.

Dennis Rodman was among the two-key participant in National Basket Ball Association in the year 1989-1990. Dennis Rodman was 5 feet 11 inches by the time he graduated from high school in Dallas. He tried to form a basketball team four times and failed during his time in high school.

Dennis Rodman secured a spot on the Cooke Junior College team after he shot up more than the other 7 inches. Later on, what followed was a scholarship to play at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Demonstrating himself to be a collegiate rebounder, Dennis Rodman was drafted by Pistons in 1986. He was an essential person to the victory of Detroit’s “Bad Boys” champions teams.

Dennis Rodman was the NBA’s Defensive Player of the year from 1989-1990 and 1990- 1991 consequently. In the pursuit of his tenure with the Pistons, Roadman briefly played with the San Antonio Spurs from 1993-1995. During this period is when he created a reputation for on-court tantrums and erratic off-court behavior. He becomes more identified for outlandish antics that landed him into the position of a national celebrity.

Image of American professional basketballer, Dennis Rodman
Caption: American professional basketballer, Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman has 3 Kids (two daughters and a son)

In terms of family life, Dennis Rodman married his first wife, Annie Bakes, in 1988. They managed to have one daughter with his wife, Annie.

Image of Dennis Rodman with his firs wife Annie Bakes
Caption: Dennis Rodman with his firs wife Annie Bakes

The daughter was named Alexis (born 1988). They later divorced in the year 1990. Dennis Rodman again got married to Model Carmen Electra at the Little Chapel of the Flowers (Las Vegas, Nevada) in November 1998. In March 1999, Electra filed for a divorce against their marriage with Dennis Rodman.

Image of Dennis Rodman with his wife Carmen Electra
Caption: Dennis Rodman with his wife, Carmen Electra

In the same year 1999, Dennis Rodman met his third wife, Michelle Moyer. They again blessed with a son called Dennis Jr (born 2000) and a second-born daughter called Trinity (born 2001). Rodman and Moyer made an official marriage bond in 2003.

By this time, Dennis Rodman was celebrating his 42nd birthday. In 2004 Michelle Moyer filed a divorce, but they spent a couple of years trying to reconcile. Their marriage was officially disbanded in 2012 when Michelle filed a divorce for a second time.

After their divorce, Dennis Rodman switched to playing college basketball for Washington State in the year 2019.

Alexis Rodman Husband, Net Worth, Wiki Bio, and Facts.

Alexis Rodman was a first-born daughter to Dennis Rodman. She was born in 1988(Los Angeles, USA) when Dennis Rodman was still married to her mother, Annie Bakes. She grew together with her siblings, brother Dennis Jr and Trinity. Both Dennis Jr and Trinity were much engaged in sports as Trinity was a soccer player, and J.D Rodman was a basketball player.

Image of Dennis Rodman with his daughter Alexis
Caption: Dennis Rodman with his daughter Alexis


Alexis loves to practice privacy about her personal life and professional life. The information available concerning her career is a guess that she may enjoy modeling and sports like her mother. Alexis has no Instagram account, and so her life remains disclosed to herself.

Alexis’s network remains unknown since she left the information open to the public.

Trinity Rodman Age, Net Worth, Relationship Status.

Trinity Rodman is a daughter to ex-NBA superstar Dennis Rodman. She is 17 years old. Trinity is talented and has much interest in sports. She is continuing with dad’s legacy. When Trinity is not attending her training, Trinity always goes to the gym for fitness. She loves to create time and improve herself.

Image of Dennis Rodman daughter Trinity Rodman
Caption: Dennis Rodman daughter Trinity Rodman

Her net worth remains disclosed since she has never opened up on the same information. Her relationship status is unknown.

DJ Rodman. (Dennis Rodman’s Only Son)

DJ Rodman is the only son to Dennis Rodman and Michelle Moyer. He loves sports, just like his father and sister Trinity. He was born in the year 2000. His net worth remains disclosed just like his sisters Alexis and Trinity

Image of Dennis Rodman with his son DJ Rodman
Caption: Dennis Rodman with his son DJ Rodman
Image of Dennis Rodman Kids