Donnie Wahlberg sons Xavier Alexander Wahlberg and Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg is an American Singer-songwriter, Actor, and Rapper. Besides that, he is also a record producer and a film producer. Donnie was born as Donald Edmond Wahlberg on 17th August 1969. He has been on various movies such as Saw II, Zookeeper, Blue Bloods, and many more.

He is famously known to be a band member of the ‘New Kids on The Block.’ They were a hit back in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Donnie Wahlberg has two sons: Xavier Alexander and Elijah Hendrix. As you continue reading, you will get to know more about Donnie Wahlberg’s sons.

Who is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg?

Xavier Alexander is famously known to be the oldest son of Donnie Wahlberg and Kimberly Fey. He was born on 4th March 1993. Unlike his father, Xavier is a very private person. He has not disclosed any details of himself.

In one of Donnie Wahlberg’s interview, he mentioned that his oldest son was in a band which played dark hardcore music. He would perform his music on stage. Since he prefers living his life on a low key, the public does not know what he is actually up to these days. We know that he wanted to be a singer like his father so maybe he’s working on that.

Xavier’s net worth is said to be $1 million. He has not disclosed details on his career. We can, however, assume that he earns from the work he is doing. How about his dating life? Unfortunately, we have no information on that either. As handsome as he is, though, he is single.

Image of Donnie Wahlberg son Xavier Alexander Wahlberg
Caption: Donnie Wahlberg son Xavier Alexander Wahlberg

Taking a look at his social media, his Instagram account is @alexwahlberg. He has a private account, and the only information we can gather from there is that his Snapchat handle is ‘alxwahlberg.’

His father’s profile, on the other hand, is @donniewahlberg. He has a total of 1.4 Million followers. Donnie loves posting pictures of his family and friends. We also get to see his dog Lumpy whom he loves a lot. He also loves posting stories of his beautiful wife, Jenny McCarthy. One of the most important things we noticed is that Donnie looks a lot his younger brother, Mark Wahlberg.

Wiki bio, and facts.

Full name Xavier Alexander Wahlberg
Age 27 years old
Date of Birth 4th March 1993
Place of Birth United States
Profession N/A
Net worth $1 Million
Girlfriend N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Parents Donnie Wahlberg, Kimberly Fey

His younger brother is Elijah Hendrix. Apart from Elijah, Xavier has a stepbrother, Evan Joseph Asher. He is the son of Xavier and Elijah’s stepmother. Take a look at his life in full detail.

Who is Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg?

Elijah Hendrix is the last-born son of Donnie Wahlberg. He was born on 20th August 2001 and is currently 20 years old. Elijah and his father have a very close relationship. They are seen out in the public in various occasions. Like his brother Xavier, Elijah has also not disclosed much information about himself. Nevertheless, we got information from a source saying that he currently studies at Berklee College of Music.

Image of Donnie Wahlberg with his son Elijah Hendrix Wahleberg
Caption: Donnie Wahlberg with his son Elijah Hendrix Wahleberg

Sources mentioned that it might be possible that Elijah could be dating a girl named Grace Adduci. She studies Music at Western Michigan University. Then again, we cannot be sure about their relationship status; they may as well be just besties.

Elijah’s Instagram handle is @lijah_wahlberg, with 26.3k followers. As we look at his posts, we see that he loves hanging out with his dad a lot, and they have a close relationship together. Elijah and Donnie have been seen out together on various occasions. For instance, in basketball games and concerts.

We also got to learn that he was working on his single. It is with no doubt that Elijah Hendrix would become famous one day, like his father Donnie and his Uncle Mark. He is already recognized as the son of Donnie Wahlberg. Elijah’s net worth is still currently Under Review as he is just beginning to venture into the music industry.

Wiki bio, and facts.

Full name Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg
Age 20 years old
Date of Birth 20th August 2001
Place of Birth United States
Profession Student
Net worth Under Review
Girlfriend N/A
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Parents Donnie Wahlberg, Kimberly Fey

Elijah Hendrix is the youngest son of the renowned American Singer-songwriter, Donnie Wahlberg. Elijah is said to have brown eyes and dark blonde hair. Continue reading to find out more details about Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg.

The Wahlberg’s are one of the most prestigious families in the United States. Almost each of the Wahlberg siblings is famous. But who is the most famous of them all? Mark Wahlberg. He is famous for starring in various movies such as Daddy’s Home, Ted, Instant Family, etc.

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