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Dr. Zach Bush Wikipedia: Wife and Amazing Facts

Dr. Zach Bush is a doctor who gained recognition amidst the COVID outbreak. He is an expert on how the microbiome connects itself with food systems and human health.

Back in 2012, Bush discovered a Redox-molecules family which was made of Bacteria and based on Carbon. Furthermore, he featured on the documentary show ‘Farmer’s Footprints’ in 2019.

With his expertise on global health matters and a large following in social media, Zach now advocates for a healthy world by improving production and consumption. Today, we create a mini Wikipedia of Dr. Zach Bush, covering details about his wife in the process.

Who is Dr. Zach bush? Wikipedia-Bio

Dr. Zach Bush is an American physician and internationally recognized teacher. Other than that, Zach is the founder of the Seraphic group. They research the importance of soil and water in the immunity and genomics of the human body.

Furthermore, he has contributed to the medical community for the past two decades now and is a triple board-certified physician. In 2019, he was part of the show ‘Farmer’s Footprint,’ which sought to promote regenerative agriculture. As a result, he received a lot of coverage and frequent invites to do podcasts and interviews.

In an interview, Zach mentioned that as our lives get comfortable, we experience more chronic pain. He also thinks that with the right approach, we can completely transform ourselves.

And that is why he has spent most of his life studying complex carbohydrates, regenerative agriculture, and the microbiome. Bush thinks it’s crucial to detach ourselves from what makes us comfortable and explore our psychic and physical health.

Dr. Zach Bush is married to a wife, Jen Purell Bush.

Dr. Zach Bush is a married man. Alongside his wife, JennPerell, he runs the farmer’s footprint organization. Together, Zach and Jenn are parents to two children. They have a son and a daughter.

Zach thinks, as a parent, it’s essential to give the child their protected space. Alissa Bush is their only daughter. She also shares similar traits with her parents and strives to be the change the world needs.

However, Alissa concerns herself more with matters regarding racism; she actively involves herself in protests. Alissa also speaks up and expresses her views in the internet.

Her mother, JennPerell Bush, is a Yoga teacher and a lifestyle coach. Through her self-titled website, she helps many people enhance their lifestyles and guides them to self-empowerment. Jenn calls herself a strategy consultant for business and lifestyle. Moreover, she has a background in intuitive medicine and psychology.

 Dr. Zach Bush and his wife, Jenn Purell
An American Physician, Dr. Zach Bush, and his wife, Jenn Purell

Dr. Zach Bush Age and Family

There is no information regarding Dr. Zach’s actual age. However, sources say that he is reportedly in his forties. Zach has also never talked about his parents in public or in media.

Net Worth and Salary

Bush earns about $208k per year. Cumulatively, sources estimate that Dr. Zach Bush has a net worth of $1 million. Being a certified physician, this figure does not surprise us one bit. It is set to keep rising, particularly after the key role he played combating the COVID 19 pandemic.

Social Media Activities

Currently, Dr. Zach Bush uses his social media handles to talk about issues surrounding food systems and public health. Today, Zach has 22k followers on Twitter. Moreover, he recently shared a podcast where he talks about regenerative farming, degenerative pharma, and the microbiome.

Zach constantly involves himself in all matters relating to neurosciences and global health. He is also available on Facebook and Instagram with 117k and 273k followers, respectively. Most of his posts are centered on his organization and his work relating to the microbiome. He also occasionally shares pictures and details of his family.

Images of an an American physician, Dr. Zach Bush