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Drew Pritchard Wikipedia: New Wife, First Wife, Net Worth, Kids, Age

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Drew Pritchard is the host of the popular reality show on British television entitled Salvage Hunters. He travels around the country in search of antique finds. The antique expert found some of his best purchases in country fairs, antique shops, estate sales, and flea markets. The antiques go through a restoration process before they are sold once again for a profit. Drew appeared as the Salvage Hunters host in 2011 on its first season. He remains the host of the show to this day. How much does he earn in 2021?

Besides his professional career, let’s dig into his personal details like his new wife, first wife, and kids in his Wikipedia-type biography here.

Is Drew Pritchard Married To New Wife?

Drew Pritchard has had a very public married life in the past. It is because his first wife was also a part of Salvage Hunters as a co-presenter. After their divorce, Drew has kept a tight lid on the details of his romantic life. He preferred to keep his dating life in private. There is no information if Drew is dating anyone at present. In addition, there has also been no news if the reality show host has remarried.

His First Wife

The first wife of Drew Pritchard is Rebecca Pritchard, who is also a part of Salvage Hunters. She is an expert on antiques and their restoration. In addition, she is also an expert on property development. Drew and Rebecca divorced in 2017, but the couple has remained silent about the details.

However, there have been rumors that Drew’s extramarital affairs caused the divorce. These rumors started after a man attacked Drew at a local pub. The man accused Drew of having an affair with his wife. At present, Rebecca is still a part of Salvage Hunters, even if they are no longer a couple. It is Rebecca who inspects the antiques and analyzes their value and the cost of restoration. She also digs up the history of the antiques that Drew brings in.

Drew Pritchard with his ex-wife, Rebecca Pritchard
Drew Pritchard with his ex-wife, Rebecca Pritchard

Net Worth and Income Sources

The net worth of Drew Pritchard for 2021 is $8 million. He earns a substantial income from his multiple businesses and his career as a famous television host. The antique expert owns businesses that sell antiques and another business that sells vintage cars and motorcycles. He earns a huge profit from the antiques that he finds, restores, and then resells in his store.


Aside from antiques, Drew Pritchard is also fascinated with vintage cars. The car enthusiast bought his first automobile when he was only fifteen years old. He is the owner of DP Classic, together with his partner Clive Holland. Drew has been restoring vintage cars for business and his personal collection since 1987. At present, he and his partner have a collection of more than a hundred Porsches and Volkswagen Beetles. In addition, Drew is also an avid collector of vintage motorcycles.

Drew Pritchard and his partner posing with car


Drew and his ex-wife Rebecca has two grown-up kids. They have a son and a daughter who are both leading a very private life. Even if both parents are famous television personalities, the Pritchard kids prefer to stay out of the public eye.

Drew Pritchard and his son
Host of Salvage Hunters, Drew Pritchard, and his son

Age and Birthday

Drew Pritchard was born on June 24, 1970. As of 2021, he is now 51 years old. His place of birth is Conwy, Wales, in the United Kingdom.

Drew Pritchard Wikipedia

Drew developed his love for antiques when he was still a young boy. His father was a signage maker, and most of his clients were antique shop owners. He started buying antiques from roadside flea markets and then sold them for a profit at a young age. In 1993, Drew made his passion into a business and opened his store. In addition, Drew is also an expert in the restoration of stained glass. Through the years, he gained popularity in the antique business. In 2011, television producers offered him the job as host of the show Salvage Hunters.

Drew Pritchard Wikipedia