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Elie Honig Wikipedia: His Wife, Height, Biography, and Facts

There are different types of lawyers in the world, each having a particular role. While some legal officials go unnoticed, lawyers like Elie Honig leave a long-lasting mark on their careers.

Elie Honig has been garnering a lot of attention as of late due to various reasons. But the lack of this talented individual’s Wikipedia page hinders people from knowing more about him.

Who is Elie Honig?

Elie Honig is a highly respected figure in the news industry, working as a CNN Legal Analyst since 2018. But before that, Elie was a federal prosecutor whose duties were to lead and manage criminal trials, appeals, and defense. The 45-year-old government official has also worked closely with individuals and businesses to avoid government-facing investigations and internal investigations.

Elie Honig Age, Parents and Family

Elie Honig is a British born in Camden, U.K. Hence, by birth, Elie carries a British nationality. Likewise, the CNN analyst celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of April, and his birth year is 1975. Elie’s full name is Eliezer, but it was a long name for a kid during his childhood. Hence, his parents named him Elie. But as a child, Elie would often be regarded as a girl’s name, and often, he would find himself in the girls’ team.

The now-CNN analyst’s parents moved to Voorhees in New Jersey with Elie and his other younger siblings. After that, the Honig family soon went to live in Cherry Hill East.

Regarding Elie’s parents, their names are unavailable for obvious reasons. However, we know that Elie’s father also has a passion for the law and probably has a career in it. Some reports claim that Mr. Honig senior was a law officer. Moreover, Elie’s mother has a sense of justice of her own, so she is a social worker.

The amalgamation of the Honig parents’ passion gave fruition to Elie who shares both his parents’ professions.

Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

Despite being born in the U.K., Elie also holds American citizenship as his parents were American. Moreover, Elie belonged to Middle-Eastern white ethnicity. Many may not be aware, but Elie’s family raised him as a Christian, so he is a follower of Jesus.

Currently, Elie lives with his new family of four in Middlesex county, located in New Jersey, U.S.


At the moment, people know him as a legal analyst of crimes, national security, and many more. He is a famous face on news T.V. as he has had multiple appearances on many channels, including Fox News, BBC, Bloomberg, PBS, and MSNBC. Outside TV, Elie’s work includes writing articles for New York Times, a famous American newspaper.

famous face on news T.V. Elie Honig
Legal analyst of crimes, national security, and a famous face on news TV, Elie Honig.

But before Elie could bring himself in front of the mass, he provided lowkey services in multiple firms. Coming fresh out of Harvard, Elie worked as an associate at Covington & Burling LLP for four years. But his breakthrough came when Elie became the assistant attorney for the Southern District of New York at United States Attorneys’ Offices.

Following this, Elie became the assistant attorney general for New Jersey’s Department of Criminal Justice in 2012. But just before becoming the CNN analyst in 2018, Elie became the Executive Director at Rutgers Institute that focused on secure communities and special counsel at Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

Regardless, Elie has provided excellent analysis and brilliant commentary on legal issues in CNN over the years. Furthermore, Honig also hosts his show Cross Exam with Elie Honig, which involves breaking down a hot topic and analyzing it for more facts and knowledge.

Elie Honig is Married to Rachael Honig. Children

As Elie Honig often deals with criminal activities, his work poses a threat, especially to his family. Hence, the 45-year-old lawyer has kept his personal information as secretive as possible. Therefore, Elie’s wedding dates and venue are not available to the public.

As it turns out, Elie Honig is in a marital relationship with an assistant U.S. Attorney, Rachael Honig. It seems as if the now Honig couple crossed paths due to having a similar passion for justice. Rachel holds a Doctor of Law degree from the Law School of the University of Chicago.

Like her husband, Rachael is also a respected crime fighter. Furthermore, she holds the title of the first woman to serve as the Assistant role for the U.S. Attorney for over three decades. Rachel is only the second such woman to fill this post in the office’s history.

Elie Honig with wife Rachael Honig
CNN Legal Analyst, Elie Honig with wife Rachael Honig.

Elie and Rachael live happily with their two children in New Jersey outside of their respective reputations. They share a son and a daughter who is now living in Middlesex County.

Firstly, Elie and Rachel had a son in 2006, followed by a daughter in 2008. Aaron Honig is the name of Elie’s 15-year-old son. Likewise, the 13-year-old daughter is Leah Honig, who looks at a carbon copy of her mother. Furthermore, Aaron now works as an ice-cream scooper. Similarly, Aaron has been stealing the show either by dancing at events or attending legendary lawyers.

Elie Honig Net Worth and Salary

After becoming a highly reputed personality in the news industry, Elie has amassed a massive fortune to his name. His massively successful career as a Legal Analyst and other posts, including the Director of Rutgers University, has helped him run his livelihood. Not only that but hundreds of Hatchet Man‘s ($14.99) sold copies have brought Elie additional money as well.

Sources believe that Elie makes an annual income that amounts from $100k to $250k in 2021. Hence, it is no surprise that Elie must have a net worth of approximately $1 million.

Elie Honig Education

As he has seen his father doing legal business as a law officer, Elie knew what he needed to do to study law as well. After acquiring an arts degree from Rutgers University in 1997, Elie got a call from Harvard University. At Harvard, Elie pursued a Doctor of Law and passed in the year 2000.


Elie Honig is not only gifted with a handsome look, but his height is equally outstanding as well. An attractive man like Elie has a towering height of 1.78 meters which is 5 foot 10 inches. Similarly, he weighs 65.2 kgs which are equal to 155 lbs.

CNN Senior Legal Analyst, Elie Honig