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Elle Bielfeldt Wiki Biography and Facts About Meyers Leonard’s Wife

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Elle Bielfeldt is an American business owner and the wife of NBA’s Miami Heat’s, Meyers Leonard. Prior to joining Miami Heat, Elle’s husband played for the Portland Trail Blazers. Elle is a hard worker and a go-getter. She runs her own company, Level Foods, which deals with health and nutrition.

Health and fitness are a big part of her and Meyers’ life. Moreover, she also manages her husband’s brand. Elle also runs a nutritional blog and a podcast that she has recorded with her loving husband. Meet Elle’s family and learn interesting facts about her life in our insightful article.

Elle Bielfeldt is the Wife of Meyers Leonard.

It’s a no-brainer that Elle Bielfeldt and her 7ft 1″ hubby are a match made in heaven. The couple met in college when Elle was a freshman. She was friends with the girlfriend of one of the basketball players. Meyers noticed her around, and they started hanging out and studying together.

One thing led to another, and that summer, the duo started dating. The couple had to make a long-distance relationship work back in 2012 after Meyers was selected to play for NBA’s Trail Blazers.

When Elle graduated from college in 2014, her family celebrated with her in a big bash. Meyers took advantage of the opportunity and popped the big question that day. Thankfully, Elle said yes, and wedding plans took off. Elle took to Instagram to share the engagement news with her followers.

Meyers Leonard’s wife uploaded a photo of her beautiful sparkling diamond ring. She captioned the photo saying that it was the best surprise of her life.

Image of Elle Biefeldt with her husband Meyers Leonard
Caption: Elle Bielfeldt with her husband, Meyers Leonard

On August 2nd, 2015, the couple walked down the aisle and exchanged their wedding vows in a lovely ceremony held in Oregon. The couple is still an item to date, and they are happily married.

Meyers Leonard Mini-Bio.

Meyers Leonard is an American NBA player who plays for the Miami Heat since 2019. Before that, he played for the Portland Trail Blazers for seven seasons. Meyers was born on February 27th, 1992, in Woodbridge, Virginia, to parents James and Tracie Leonard.

He grew up in Robinson, Illinois. That makes him 28 years old in 2020 at the time of writing this article. From his birthdate, we see that Meyers is a Pisces Zodiac. Leonard started playing basketball when he was young.

His career blossomed in Robinson High School, where he played center. Meyers went on to play college basketball for his school, the University of Illinois. Meyers is not only a skilled basketball player, but he is also an entrepreneur. He has interests in the FaZe Clan, which is an esports company. He also has his brand managed by his lovely wife, Elle.

Meyers Leonard’s Wife Elle Bielfeldt Age and DOB.

Elle was born on 15th January 1992 in Peoria, Illinois, to parents Julie and David Bielfeldt. That makes Elle 29 years old in 2021 when we wrote this article. From her date of birth, we can tell that Bielfeldt is a Capricorn Zodiac. Capricorns are known for being loyal, disciplined, and very intelligent.

Elle Bielfeldt Early Life.

Elle grew up with siblings Max, Matti, and Lydia. Max is the second born among the three siblings. He was born in 1993. In 1996, Matti joined the family. Lydia was the last bun to come out of the oven in 1999.

Just like her hubby, Elle loves basketball. She played in the Peoria Notre Dame High School girls’ basketball team. Her other Alma mater is The University of Illinois located in Urbana, Champaign. She graduated from university in 2014 with a degree in advertising.

Elle Net Worth and Income

Various sources have estimated Elle to be worth about 15 million dollars. However, it is not clearly known what her exact net worth is. Elle’s wealth comes from her business, Level Foods, a health and nutrition company, and also management fees for managing Meyers Leonard’s Brand.

Elle also runs her own blog,, where she writes about nutrition and health-related matters. Without a doubt, being the wife of an NBA player hasn’t stopped Elle from forging her own path to success. I mean, she could just sit pretty and enjoy her husband’s millions, but she has chosen to make something of herself.

Image of Business Owner, Elle Bielfedlt net worth
Caption: Business Owner, Elle Bielfedlt net worth

Elle Bielfedlt Social Media.

Meyers Leonard’s wife Elle is an active social media user. has an Instagram account under the handle @elleleonard. She has amassed a large following of 78.3K followers. Elle loves posting photos of herself and her hubby on the site. It is clear that she adores her husband and is very proud of him. From her posts, we also see that she loves animals. She has posted several pictures of their lovely white dog named Koko.


Full name Elle Bielfedlt
Age 29 years old
Date of Birth 15th January 1992
Place of Birth Peoria, Illinois, USA.
Profession Business owner and manager
Net worth Under review
Partner Meyers Leonard
Kids 0
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Parents Julie and David Bielfeldt
Image of Elle Biefeldt wiki biography and facts about Meyers Leonard’s wife