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Eric Braeden’s Wife Dale Russell Wikipedia, Age, and Children

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The concept of happily ever after usually happens only in the movies or in books. However, at some point in life, it does happen in reality. Dale Russell Gudegast, a famous American actress, can firmly attest to its existence in real life. She experienced at first hand how love moves in mysterious ways. The feeling was not far from being a protagonist in a love story movie.

Like any other romance story, hers also comes with a twist. Dale Russell woke up one day being in love, not as an artist but as a woman who caught Eric Braeden’s heart. They are both renowned personalities in the field of entertainment. And now, they create their original scripts in the language of love.

Please get to know Eric’s wife, Dale Russell Gudegast, and her age and kids in her Wikipedia-type biography.

Dale Russell Gudegast has been Eric Braeden’s wife since 1966

Way back in 1966, the love story of Eric and Dale Russell began. But before their love story blossomed, it might be good to know first where and how their love story began. Their story started when they met on the set of Combat. They became good friends at first, introducing themselves to each other. Indeed, one can say it is the typical origin of every great story.

After many times passed, their relationship grew into something more intimate. Eric and his wife, Dale became a lovely couple and started a relationship that everyone wanted to have. For two years of being together, they experience different ups and downs, just like any other couple. But this does not stop them from going beyond the boundary of being just in the dating stage. Eric decided to ask Dale for marriage, and fortunately, she agreed without hesitation.

On 8th October 1966, the couple exchanged their marriage vows at Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. And together, they created their version of a movie-like love story.

Eric Braden with his wife, Dale Russell Gudegast
Eric Braeden with his wife, Dale Russell Gudegast

When 2019 came, Dale Russell and Eric Braeden celebrated their sweetest 40th wedding anniversary together. To add to the celebration, she shared with the public through an Instagram post a photo of her 1960’s wedding dress. Dale put a sweet and loving caption on her post:

“Through trials and tribulations, our love has endured, our bonds have become stronger than ever!! And to think it all started in a strip club! Happy 40th Anniversary to Me!”

Eric Braeden and Dale Russell Gudegast Children

The love story of Eric Braeden and Dale Russell Gudegast led them to welcome a lovely child named Christian Gudegast, who was born on 9th February 1970. As of the present, their son is already a successful writer, director, and producer. Indeed, the limelight favors this family.

Russell Gudegast with her husband and son
Russell Gudegast with her husband, Eric, and son, Christian Gudegast

Dale Russell Gudegast Wikipedia

Eric’s partner, Dale Russell Gudegast is an epitome example of a woman whose hard work and dedication are matchless. During her teenage years, she enrolled in one of the private schools in Los Angeles, California. However, Dale did not enroll in college after finishing her high school years. And this situation became her wind beneath the wings in attaining her long-time dreams.

After thousands of efforts and dedication to succeed, Dale Russell became successful in her chosen field. 2001 was when her acting journey started, and she had already made her debut in the film “Holiday in the Sun.” Dale has portrayed the role of a chauffeur, and this project jump-started her fame. As part of her success in her acting career, Dale Russell Gudegast’s estimated net worth is around $100,000 as of 2021.

Apart from this, Eric Braeden’s Wife earned other income from various sources such as advertisements, cameo roles, etc. All these are coming from her perseverance to be the woman she dreams of becoming – the woman she indeed has come to be.


Holiday In the Sun actress Dale Russell was born on 17th November 1941 in California, USA. Currently, the famed actor is 80 years of age.

Eric Braden's wife Dale Russell Gudegast