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Eric Stonestreet Wife to Be Girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer Age

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Eric Stonestreet is now engaged to his girlfriend of five years, Lindsay Schweitzer, announced in his Instagram account last August 22. Lindsay is flaunting the hefty ring in the rejoicing and memorable post, while Eric comes off as overjoyed and staggered at the event. 

Following the announcement, many people are curious about Lindsay, her age, and what Eric’s fiance does for a living – the people certainly want to know more about the love story of the two.

Who is Eric Stonestreet Girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer?

Lindsay Schweitzer was born on the 8th of September 1979 in Kansas, Texas, and currently resides in Hamptons, NY. She is a well-known pediatric nurse. Besides this, she is likewise a benefactor and is a constituent of several philanthropic foundations. 

Lindsay is widely recognized as the apple of the eye of Eric Stonestreet. But even seeing a famous personality, she has often remained low-profile, except for accompanying the comedian to some exclusive occasions. 

She has extraordinary talents and is a sympathetic and loving person who tends and cares for her patients like her loved ones. There isn’t much information about Lindsay due to her toned-down on-screen image and since she is new to the spotlight. 

There was no exact amount about her net worth, but her principal source of livelihood is her profession as a Pediatric nurse. And based on some statistics, a pediatric nurse in the US receives an average annual wage of $73,550.


Eric Stonestreet and Wife to be Girlfriend LIndsay Schweitzer’s Love Life

Eric Stonestreet and Lindsay Schweitzer have been seeing each other for the past five years. The two met at the charity event of the Big Slick last 2016 in Kansas, and a year later, they put their friendship to another level and became a couple, as reported by PEOPLE. 

During Eric’s guest appearance on the Ellen show, he made the news official. Ellen even teased him that his beautiful girlfriend is genuinely perfect and suited for Eric because of his anxiety disorder. The comedian answered by announcing that he is a big baby and her girlfriend cools him off. He likewise stated that Lindsay is very caring and is keeping him alive. 

Eric Stonestreet with his girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer
Eric Stonestreet and his girlfriend, Lindsay Schweitzer

And while she stays in the background, without attracting notice, the pair sometimes create a scoop about their romantic dates and sweet messages on Eric’s Instagram. Lindsay doesn’t even mind going on some premier events with Eric to show her support for her boyfriend. 

We can take a glimpse of some happy moments of the couple on Eric’s Instagram account through their pictures and videos together. Eric even said that he enjoyed making childish jokes on her. His followers and supporters are very captivated to notice how happy and cute they are together. Some even say that they are very match-made in heaven.

The Engagement

22nd of August 2021 was a very memorable date for both Eric Stonestreet and Lindsay Schweitzer. The famous comedian proposed to his longtime girlfriend in a hilarious post on his Instagram. He uploaded three pictures of them sitting on a table. Lindsay looks very happy in every photo as she smiles from ear to ear, and we have Eric, who wears various silly emotions. And a favorite photo of many is the one that reveals Lindsay with a ring on her while Stonestreet strikes a comically teary expression. 

The announcement of their engagement was overwhelmed with celebratory words from their close friends and some known names from the entertainment industry, like Jennifer Finnigan, Bobby Brown, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Bublé, Bethenny Frankel, and so on.

Any chances Lindsay Schweitzer will be Eric Stonestreet’s wife soon?

Many fans and dear loved ones seem to notice that the couple is indeed complementing each other. Lindsay and Eric love being together. While the recently engaged couple is still secretive regarding the next phase of their love story, we can already see them tying the knot and saying each other’s vows soon. Many people are pretty excited about the couple as a husband and wife.

How old is Eric Stonestreet Girlfriend Turned Fiance Lindsay Schweitzer?

Lindsay Schweitzer is 42 years old, while Eric Stonestreet is 50. Regardless of their age gap, the pair grew fondness for the presence of one another. 

 Eric lately had a bit of play in dealing with keyboard warriors who insisted he seemed “too old” to be settling down with Lindsay Schweitzer. He edited their engagement photo, put some lines on Lindsay’s face to make her appear older. Then reposted it with a caption stating that her fiance can’t avoid being and looking young at her age, but at least he tried to alter the photo to get back at every troll.

Lindsay Schweitzer, Fiance of Eric Stonestreet
Lindsay Schweitzer, Fiance of Eric Stonestreet
Eric Stonestreet's girlfriend Lindsay Schweitzer