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Erika Jayne First Husband Thomas Zizzo Doing Now?

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Erika Jayne is a famous singer and tv personality. Her lifestyle details come from the reality show Real Housewives. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a reality show featuring many high-profile personalities residing in the Beverly Hills area. Few of the episodes of Real Housewives featured Erika Jayne, and it revolved around her married life with Thomas Girardi.

Before she was in a relationship with Girardi, Erika was married to Thomas Zizzo. As the show does not detail her relationship with her ex-husband, Erika Jayne’s fans are excited to know more about the ex-couple.

Today, we discuss Erika Jayne’s relationship with Thomas Zizzo and what he is doing now.

First Husband Thomas Zizzo

Thomas Zizzo is a DJ and a musician. He is the first husband of Erika. They first met at a club and started a relationship. At that time, Thomas was trying to find a way in his life. Being a struggling musician isn’t an easy stage in life. Luckily, the Manhattan hotspot club provided Thomas with the job of DJ. Being a young, tall, and elegant gentleman, Thomas made a good impression upon Erika.

To begin with, they started dating each other. The couple hoped for a good relationship and had a perfect time for the next six months. Seeing a positive relationship ahead of them, Erika Jayne and her first husband, Thomas Zizzo decided to turn it into marriage. They married in 1991 and started living together.

Shortly, the couple was blessed with a son in 1993. They named him Tommy. Thomas and Erika were both happy with the relationship, and they provided their son with a lively environment to grow up in. However, things did not go quite as planned.

Zizzo and Erika Jayne named their son, Tommy
Erika Jayne and her son Tommy

Why did Erika and her first husband divorce?

Both Thomas and Erika seemed very happy and content with their relationship. Despite this, their love life slowly started to fade away. Although the actual cause for their divorce is unknown, we can speculate that it was due to serious issues faced by both of them in their married life. Erika Jayne was an aspiring tv personality at the time. There are no rumors about Thomas’s bad behavior towards his ex-wife.

On the other hand, Erika Jayne was flying high with her dreams. Above all, she did not accept her responsibilities being a mother and a wife. She tried to shift her responsibility to her ex-husband Thomas. Even so, to save their relationship, Thomas went along with it for some time.

Later, they realized the error in their ways. In the hopes of saving their marriage, they were spending too much time doing things they did not want to do. On the other hand, their marriage was already far from the point of saving. After their divorce, Erika met Thomas Girardi and married him.

What is Thomas doing now?

Thomas Zizzo resides in Los Angeles and has a net worth of $500,000. Unfortunately, he keeps most of his current life private.

Erika Jayne First Husband Thomas Zizzo