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Erin Napier Wikipedia: Hiarcut, Age, Net Worth, Daughter, and Facts.

Erin Napier is once again set to renovate and design beautiful homes in the fifth season of HGTV’s Home Town. Erin shares this passion for designing houses with her husband, Ben Napier.

The show ‘Home Town’ has always been a treat to watch. Their chemistry and their passion for making people’s dream houses into reality is something we have always enjoyed.

Following her appearance on the show, several fans have inquired about the TV personality. Today, we discuss Erin Napier’s age and net worth as we design her Wiki info page.

Erin Napier Wikipedia-Bio

Erin Napier is a home designer and a TV personality. After completing her BA in Graphic design from the University of Mississippi, she worked full time as a renovation expert with her husband.

In 2017, Erin started working on HGTV with her spouse. Since then, the couple has worked together and brought old and worn-out homes back to life with their magic.

Even before the show started, Napier had already started building a following for herself on Social Media. It is why HGTV producers reached out to her in the first place. Before this, we also learned that Erin spent most of her childhood in the great state of Mississippi.

Her Birthday, Parents, and Height

Erin Napier was born in Aug 10, 1985, in Mississippi. Moreover, she turns 36 years old soon. Even though she is a popular figure, we have no information on her parents. Erin stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and has short, blonde hair, which perfectly complements her pale face.

Erin Napier Net Worth and House

As of 2021, Erin Napier has a net worth of $5 million. She and her better half accumulated this sum primarily from the TV show ‘Home Town.’ Furthermore, they are industry professionals and investors.

Erin and Ben have an attractive 1925 craftsmen house in the Laurel neighborhood in Mississippi. The story goes like this; they always admired a house in their area.

One day, the owner of the house invited them over. Erin mentioned to the lady that she was ready to buy it if she wanted to sell the house. After a couple of weeks, the owner’s daughter called them and asked if they were serious about buying the house.

The daughter also mentioned that the lawn was too big to maintain for the old lady, and she wanted to move. As a result, they finalized the contract, and Erin got her dream house.

Meet her husband Ben Napier and Daughter.

Erin and Ben met at college for the first time. Both of them were studying at the John County community college when fate brought them together. According to Erin, she always admired Ben as he was a known figure in the college.

It was nothing special, but she just wanted to be his friend. In an interview, Ben revealed that it was love at first sight for him. When he was at the college cafeteria talking to some of the girls, he saw Erin for the first time.

Ben said to his friends that he liked Erin’s style. She had short hair and a personality that resonated with him. With a fortunate turn of events, the couple started dating. As a result, Ben proposed to the lady just six days later.

Eventually, the college sweethearts tied the knot. The two also have a young daughter named Helen. Unsurprisingly, she is the highlight of Erin’s Instagram account, which boasts 1.1m followers.

Erin Napier smiling with her husband, Ben and daughter
A home designer and a TV personality, Erin Napier and her husband, Ben Napier, with their daughter, Helen


Napier’s haircut is a thing of beauty. It is described as a side-swept pixie cut. Moreover, the fact that she is blonde also adds an extra dimension to her style. In an interview, Erin reveals that her haircut was inspired by Drew Barrymore’s look back in the 90s. It was based on one of her movie characters at the time.

Erin would even take an image of the actress along with her to the salon when she was ready to cut her hair. This was back while she was still a junior in college. Beforehand, Erin used to have much longer blonde, curly locks.

Evidently, styling her hair is something Erin greatly enjoys. During the lockdown period last year, it was one of the few things that made her feel human as she had to quarantine.

Erin Napier with her husband, Ben Napier